We’re almost to the end of 2020, so lets end the year on a good note!

I love New Year’s Eve. It’s a celebration of the past year, with friends, family, and loved ones. embracing both hardships and happiness — and a welcome of the year to come. And who doesn’t love one more excuse to share food, drink and laughter with loved ones.

Here are a few fun ideas to celebrate the Eve of New Years and Start 2018 off with a Bang!

#1 Mystery Challenge – I love cooking and I love games so why not put the two together for a festive New Year’s Night?  Your Guests will pair up, and each group will be responsible for preparing one course. You will give them a card and it will read appetizer, or drink, dessert, etc … but the fun comes when the another group selects the ingredients they must use. The ingredients aren’t revealed until right before the cooking starts. This is a good way to keep the ingredients healthy and your waistline and happy!

#2 Potluck Party – Invite a group of friends over for a special evening. Have a potluck where everyone contributes. Have someone bring a healthy appetizer, a healthy main dish, a healthy dessert etc … Make the person bring a recipe card with the recipe on it and you can screenshot it for yourself! This is a great way  to get dolled up, stay healthy, and have a great time with friends!

#3 Movie Palooza – If you’re into venturing out, head to the local movie theaters (maybe find one that serves dinner and drinks and look before to decide on healthy options and stick with red wine or clear liquor with soda water) and watch a movie.

If you’re staying in (cuz us South Dakotans will be experiencing extreme cold), grab some Netflix, Apple TV, Redbox titles, Amazon etc …  and have a movie party with these healthy snacks!

#4 Groove Into the New Year – If you love to dance  the good news is that ringing in the New Year with a with moves on the dance floor could help you burn off hundreds of calories. While hitting the dance floor in a club or bar is as good an option as any, NYE has so many fun options to work with. When in doubt dance it out!

Have a Healthy Happy New Year’s Eve!

The O-Board Says…

Tabata Your Way into the NY
Barbell Split Squats
Burpee Over Bar
Knees to Elbow
Ball Slams
Dips (Ring)

**1 minute Rest between exercises”

Posted by: Annie