I like schedules. I like routine. I like stability. What I don’t do well with is uncertainty. Lots of changes and disappointments have happened this past month with a whirlwind of emotions. I have experienced how easily it is to slip into bad habits. I have seen what happens during times of chaos and stress.

Lack of structure makes me feel unmotivated and distracted often leading to periods of depression. Having structure helps me create a sense of stability and balance. And now more then ever I am realizing the importance of lessening stress and being more prepared.

My health is one of my top priorities. I know what will happen if I start to fall into bad habits. Staying up late, skipping my workouts, not drinking enough water, etc. I will lose the battle and my Still’s disease will show it’s ugly face. I will start to show signs of intermittent fevers, joint inflammation and pain, swelling of lymph glands and inflammation of the lungs. None of which would be good for a person in our country’s current state.

So right now I am working on accepting the things we can’t control and doing my best to change the things we can. And that starts with engaging in good habits.

  • Eat well (adding more fruits and veggies)
  • Daily movement (exercise/mobility/outdoor walk)
  • Drinking more water
  • Sleeping well (7-8 hours is my goal)
  • Social Interaction (thinking outside the box)

I am also taking this opportunity to step back from the day-to-day stresses and take time with those and what I value the most… even if it’s forced. It will require some creativity and thinking outside the box but I know that there are so many undiscovered opportunities out there, we just need to make the choice to find them.



Partner AMRAP 25
100 Box Jumps
75 Ball Slams
50 Deck Squats
200m FC (do together)