Which is Better??

Flexibility and mobility are both intended to increase range of movement but are not the same. To improve a joints range of motion the muscles surrounding the joint need to be flexible enough to stretch and allow joint mobility.

When you look up the definitions you will find…

MOBILITY = Ability of a joint to actively move through a range of motion.

FLEXIBILITY = Ability of a muscle(s) to passively lengthen through a rang of motion

How I Look at them… 

I really don’t care about the terms. Most like to put a title on things to define something to understand it, but what ends up happening it becomes ‘too restrictive‘ and limits them from other ideas or modes for improvement. Also, they just become more ‘BUZZ’ words and more trendy.

Flexibility is more of the process of training to increase the range of motion. Whereas mobility is an umbrella term that covers any movement within an existing range of motion. In basic terms, flexibility is training the joint and mobility is maintaining the joint.

3 Categories of How I approach Increasing Range of Motion…

  1. Movement. Think of this as more dynamic flexibility. You can achieve this through certain types of complex exercises (Romanian Deadlifts, Split Squats, Hanging, Kicks, etc…) in a dynamic way to USE YOUR full range of motion.
  2. Active. This is more static positions. It is specifically more about USING YOUR OWN STRENGTH to hold a position. In a nutshell, you use your antagonist muscles (quad/hip flexor) the opposite of what you are trying to stretch to hold yourself in a position. For example, to improve your hamstring flexibility, if you contract your quad/hip flexor (antagonist muscle) you will end up stretching your hamstrings (agonist muscle). Opposites do attract on this:-)
  3. Passive. This is simply sitting in a specific position. But… it doesn’t necessarily mean relaxing. In some cases when you can get into full range of motion relaxing in a passive stretch can be great conditioning for flexibility. But for most you would need to incorporate some techniques that require work (PNF, adding load, pulsing, etc…) in a stretched positioned to create more range of motion. 

What is More Important?

All of them:-) Just like with Diet/Nutrition everyone is different and has different needs. Understanding your body and what specific needs it needs is the important part. A great coach can really help you…

  • Find out your individual needs
  • Prioritize the Priorities
  • Create a Plan/Program
  • Hold you Accountable

Tuesday’s Workout Is…

Parter Workout
10 rounds for time of:

P1 = Row 500m
P2 = MAX Bench presses

**Last Did 1/9/20**

Post by Chris; @mr.cpm