With our Crunch Time Challenge starting on Monday (LINK)… I can’t help but provide you with some very help Pro-Tips when it comes to training your midsection in purse of that washboard abs (or even dare I say the 6 pack)! In that, I will leave you with 4 Rules to go by…

1️⃣ Tension is Mandatory

“Tension = Stability = Strength = Results”

This is the rule most commonly violated by  clients that plateau with core strength. Why? Because it’s…

😬Uncomfortable: When you relax the tension goes away.
👎🏼Untrained: We sit in chairs all day.
🥵Hard… (literally) How long can you squeeze your abs just standing up normally let alone in a workout?

Every second your abs are under tension (contracting) they are strengthening. The challenge is the abs are also a very long muscle, which makes it tougher to contract. It runs from the front of your rib cage to your pubic. Or you can visualize it by bending your elbow and making a fist. The length from the elbow to the top of the fist is very similar to the length of your abs.

How we will fix this? Expect plenty of isometric holds and recruiting more than just your stomach muscle to perform some exercises (see below #4)

2️⃣Overtraining can happen… but NOT with the Abs!


Under most circumstances, training the same muscle everyday can be a fast track to injury. The major exception is with the core. The core is predominantly muscle and doesn’t rely on joints the way for example the biceps do. This means the core can handle more volume and frequency during the week.

Since core training is mostly a matter of muscular fatigue, you can work on the core daily to bust through plateaus.

3️⃣. Get Real with your Plate for some For Real ABS!

“Abs are made in the kitchen 🥗 and sculpted 💪🏼 in the gym.” 

Consider that the motto for the challenge. Take the principals from our CPM Nutrition 101 and 201 in previous post this month and see how fast and much you can sculpt your Adonis midsection

4️⃣. Take you ABS to the next level… Recruit a team of surrounding muscles

“Your Abs need a Posse”

Most of us our familiar with scaling a workout/movement down to perform it. But what about scaling up?? The key to continued results in bodyweight training is leverage. Why? Because leverage can create more force and TENSION (see #1) on the body.

Introducing Team CORE = hip flexors, quads, gluteus and scapula. Using and abusing them will multiply your compression, strength and results! Expect to see them included a lot in this challenge.

Todays Workout is…

A. Partner AMRAP 16 (YGIG)
10 Clusters
10 T2B
*200m Run (Together) after each round*

**2-min rest for transition**

B. Bring Sally UP

Post by Chris; follow me on instagram; @mr.cpm

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