Train – Recover – Repeat

In a perfect world that would the order of operation.

We train to impact stress (good stress) on our body. We are sending signal to our brain, hormones, bones, muscles, etc… to impose healthy stress to signal the beginning of change in our body.

Then we need to recover. Recovery is simply where the body has the chance to absorb all of the stress and recover to provide healing and growth so our bodies can adapt and change for the better.

So What Is Active Recovery?

Anything that is NON-WORKOUT’ish… Think low-intensity, that still breaks a sweat, but does not leave you in a heaping mess on the floor afterwards.

It could be anything Cardio-wise from a light jog, to a long walk, to maybe a solid spin on your bike. Or some type of stretching or flexibility work. Also, think about something like cold/hot therapy cold bath or HOT shower/sauna. Even just getting out of the gym and doing something active and fun.

What it doesn’t involve is a ramped up heart rate, borderline passing out from breathing too hard, and aching muscles (unless you’re sore from yesterday). It shouldn’t be anything that makes you more sore than you already may be! It should actually leave you feeling regenerated and ready to crush and dominate tomorrows anything!

A Go-To List of Active Recovery

  • Heaving Breathing Protocol / Meditation
  • Massage work (ART, soft tissue work, cupping and other common recovery practices.
  • Cold/Hot Shower mixes… 10 rounds of 10 sec hot shower; 20 sec COLD shower.
  • Long spin or bike ride (non intense)
  • Find a trail to walk.
  • Golf, Bowling, Frisbee with your dog. Getting outside is key.
  • Sauna
  • Throw on a heavy-ish pack and go for a long walk

    (I like to mow the yard with a weight vest on, hence the pic above 🙂

  • Eating; Believe it or not if you are training HARD you need to right kind and amount of calories to ‘actively recover’
  • Light stretching.
  • SLEEP!!
  • Rehydration

Remember training is great but it is really only HALF of the results. You you are working out consistently and the results are slow to come or none at all I bet you are UNDER RECOVERING. Sometimes we need to step back and up the recovery.

Thursday’s Workout Is…

A. Weighted Pull-Up

B. Tabata
KB Snatch (alt arms ea rd)
Reverse Deficit Lunges
DB Plank Through
Ball Slams
*1 min rest after ea rd

Post by Chris; @mr.cpm