Memorial Day is just around the corner, which means, so is the Murph Challenge! How prepared are you? Are you looking to beat your time from last year? Don’t worry you still have some time to get yourself ready.

For those who don’t know (or maybe have chosen to forget 😉), Murph consists of:

  • 1 mile Run
  • 100 Pull-Ups
  • 200 Push-Ups
  • 300 Air Squats
  • 1 mile Run
  • **with a 20 lb. Vest**

Lets first discuss pull-ups.How are your shoulders? Are they strong and stable enough to kip hundred times under fatigue? Spend a few extra sessions before and after class to work on your kip swing. Maybe throw in some mobility work. Full pain-free shoulder flexion and abduction are a must for kipping pull-ups. Also start taking care of your hands so they are not baby-soft on the big day. A perfect scale if you are not quite ready for the kip are ring rows.

The run, although not especially long, can take a toll especially after 300 squats. Challenge yourself to run in workouts rather than row. Or if you want a little extra, schedule in a few longer runs into your workouts (stick to 2-4 miles). This will help get you used to some distance running. If running still isn’t going to happen, rowing is a great substitute.

Ugh, the push-ups. Can we just skip this part? 😁 While it might be a little late to become a push-up master, adding 10-push-ups to your warm-ups or 30-50 reps post workouts can help build some endurance. Pay attention to your shoulders. If they are feeling fried from the day or week of workouts give them a rest. If push-ups continue to be your nemesis, consider breaking up the push-ups a little more by doing 20-rounds of: 5 Pull-ups, 5 Push-ups, 15 squats and 5 Push-ups. This gives you a little push-up break while you knock out the squats. Box push-ups are a great scale if needed.

If you are considering wearing a weight vest, PLEASE do not make it the first day you have every trained with a vest on. Adding a vest stresses the joints, they are uncomfortable and will add some heat. To prepare, pick a few workouts, think bodyweight or run intervals to wear your vest. Stay away from barbells and/or box jumps. And PLEASE don’t wear a vest if you are not able to do pull-ups.

Lastly, Come hydrated. Eat as clean as you can under the circumstances (cookouts, parties, baseball, etc, etc) and save the massive cheat meals until later that day. Preparation is the simple act of telling the mind it’s going to be doing something important and difficult. Enjoy Murph, love Murph but understand at some point you may doubt yourself. Establish your plan and don’t let those weak voices in the back of your head get the best of you.



A. Deadlift
(every 90 seconds)

B. For Time:
Ring Rows
2,4,6,8,10… 20

**every 3-minutes 200m Run

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