As you may have noticed, I’m sharing a lot from the female coaches at CPM. Coincidence? Probably not. I think women in general tend to set more goals at the start of a New Year. Although Chris Mello may single-handedly alter the male to female ratio on goal setting cause we all know he’s got tons of goals! 🤣

When asked what her focus would be this year, Brooke said…

My goal this year is to lift up others. So many negative things happen in our world and in our day, so I want to say one positive thing or uplifting thing to someone every day. You never know when it could change their day.

Here’s what I like about Brooke’s goal. She isn’t telling me that she wants to clean up her diet. She isn’t telling me that she’s going to try to workout 5 times a week. She isn’t telling me that she wants to read more books.

Brooke is saying that she wants to make someone’s day and have a positive impact on at least one person every day. It’s simple but it’s beautiful. It’s unselfish. It shows that she is confident, that she cares and that she feels complete in her own life. I love it.

What can you do every day to help, motivate or simply cheer up another person? It can be as easy as a compliment, holding the door or looking someone in the eye and asking if they are ok. Personally, I’m going to take Brooke’s idea and use it myself.

Thank you Brooke for sharing! ❤️

~Mother Plucker

Find Partner and Complete For Time:
40 Front Squats
40 Push Jerks
80 Ring Rows
40 Power Snatch

**Start with 4-Burpees and EMOM stop and complete 4 burpees

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