This week I am sharing thoughts from Lisa Zahn, an evening coach and noon class member at the Western Mall. Lisa is mentally and physically tough. I dream of being able to maintain her diet without cheating! Check out what Lisa has to say about 2019…

Personal Goals
This year I plan to continue working on practice and training over competing. This means that my focus of wods are more than “for time or for reps”. I’m intentional in what I focus on. This means putting form and long term goals over a score on the board. For me specifically, I lose form on high reps or high weight. So I will often increase the weight and take a little more time to concentrate on moving it properly, knowing that my “score” will be lower. I will also switch movements in a wod to be more specific to what I want to train. I love training new skills – and I specifically love trying to do them under pressure. For me – that means throwing in handstand walks, etc into wods. I’m good at the gymnastics moves alone – but mix in high heart rates and breathing and they become harder. Which drives me to want to them more.

Helping Others with Nutrition
I also continue my goal to help people understand how food affects them. I’m extreme – but that is both a gift and a curse. Eating healthy is extremely easy for me. I honestly believe that food can change lives – I’ve seen it with multiple people. It can make 50% of your problems disappear – and give you gifts of energy, less pain, a clearer mind, and so much more. It’s hard to be someone who motivates other to eat different. People look at you like your crazy, your kids feel like they are missing out since the kids around them are eating absolute crap (sorry, not sorry). But I know it matters – so I will continue to work with those around me to continue to improve their health and wellness.

Helping Others with Physical Fitness
I have a goal in 2019 to continue influencing and guiding busy adults in the most effective and efficient way possible. I get frustrated watching people do movements or workouts that will not have any positive effect on their body and seeing them waste their hard earned time doing a workout that is not effective. I’m passionate that time is often our biggest commodity these days. As parents with full-time jobs, kids activities, aging parents, etc – we have so much on our plates. I believe that it’s time keep people from fitness. You shouldn’t have to be in the gym longer than an hour (that includes parking, etc). There is a place for the treadmill, for long cardio sessions – but for the majority of us who are short on time and just want to be fit. I can get you there. CPMFItness can get you there. I’d love for someone who’s spending hours in the gym or not seeing any lasting results from their current program give me 60 days. The single most effective way to get fit is to do functional movements. This includes weights. Weights will save you as you get older. We’ll get you in, have a lot of fun together, yes work out, and out in 45 minutes. Promise.

I don’t know about you, but I’m super motivated now! Lisa, you are amazing in so many ways. Thank you for sharing 🤗

~Mother Plucker

AMRAP 25-min
10 Burpees
200m Run
15 Medball Clean
200m Run
10 Seated Press
200m Run
15 Butterfly Sit-Ups w/MB
200m Run
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