This week, I’m sharing thoughts from Mr. CPM himself, Chris Mello. Back in the day, Chris and I would meet weekly to discuss work, gym life and everything in between. I always left the meeting feeling good. He has a way of lifting people up and he’s even better at whipping them into shape. Here’s what Chris has planned for 2019.


I’ve always been the guy with 20 things (training, relationships, business) I want to improve on. Last year 2018, was a good year for me in a since that I narrowed down my goals and it really helped my progress. I’ve been trying to accomplish a handstand on and off for about 4 years. Last year I hired a legit coach for some direction and accountability and bam made some killer progress.

This year I want to build off the progress and start to journal and track my progress. I heard a great quote about journaling, When you start tracking you realize everything you are not tracking is a liability. Where your tracking ends your understanding finishes.” I know for me tracking starts off great but really starts to get old fast. I’m going to really focus on making the time record (video/document) my progress to help when times are good and when I need to re-focus and find perspective.


My two big takeaways from reading his goals:

  • Journal / track your progress
  • Hire a coach

Do you ever feel like your goals are out of reach? Unattainable? Hire a professional to help you get to where you want to be. Maybe it takes three months, maybe a year, maybe you need that coach for years to come. Either way, that coach will give you the tools you need to be successful and help to relieve some pressure and anxiety in your life. A great start to achieving fitness goals would be to hire Chris 😉

~Mother Plucker

Team Fight Gone Bad

5 Rounds for Max Reps
(each station 1-minute)

Wall Ball Toss
SDLHP (RX 75/55)
Box Jumps
Push Press (RX 75/55)
Cal Row

**1-minute rest between rounds

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