Ever wonder what your coaches are thinking at the start of the New Year? I know I’m curious so I decided to ask the CPM coaches what they want to work on for 2019. Throughout January, I will share various thoughts and goals from our coaches. Maybe you will find that you can relate to them 😊

Courtney Hughes – One goal I have for 2019 is a small one, but is one that has been on my mind the last couple of months as the scale has gone up. My goal is daily positive self talk. Looking myself in the mirror and saying something positive about myself. Taking time to appreciate all the things my body is capable of doing instead of worrying about the things I can’t control.

Courtney’s goal is an important one for women. Why do we feel the need to be so hard on ourselves? Why can’t we appreciate our body for what it has done? My focus in 2018 switched from my personal body/fitness to the strength and conditioning of the kids I was coaching. While I may not be as “fit” as I was before, I am definitely in a better place. I know fitness is important for me but having a major impact on the lives of others in addition to keeping myself fit is much more fulfilling. A healthy balance of the two is perfect.

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you dissatisfied? Turn it around. Love your body. Everyone has flaws but maybe they aren’t really flaws. Maybe they are beautiful things that makes each of us unique. I used to think my thighs and butt were gigantic. I wasn’t seeing it in pictures or noticing that I had gained weight…I just felt like they were. I was spending time with people who had poor body images, complaining daily about what I hated about my body and being immature. I’ve grown out of that. My hips and butt made me a rockstar pregnant lady, they helped me squat 245 pounds, they helped me run an ultra marathon and they will carry me through my life. I now love them 🤗

So let’s switch it up in 2019. Be positive. Quit worrying about the scale. Quit thinking you aren’t good enough or that your body can be better. Focus on being healthy, fit and confident!

~Mother Plucker

Part A: Hang Squat Cleans

Part B: For Time:
Hang Squat Clean
Box Jumps
HR Push-ups

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