At CPMFITness we believe true Functional FITness needs to be broad, inclusive with a mix of weight lifting, bodyweight calisthenics and high/medium/low intensity conditioning. The skill levels in each area range from basic human movements (squats, pushups, pullup’s, lunges and sit-ups) to more High Skill movements (handstand pushups, snatch, clean and jerks, muscle ups).

No matter anyone’s FITness level or ability we feel everyone has the opportunity to get as FIT as they want to get it.

We’ve learned a lot over the years since being in this Functional FITness / CF business for the last 12 years. Our primarily goal with taking on a new client these days is simple: Teach them M-C-I (mechanics, consistency and then intensity).

How you move is vital towards your results with Life Long FITness. Treating moving like a skill in Functional FITness will only make you safer, more effective and give your body.

Consider this as a sneak peek behind the curtain on how we train someone just starting out with us.


Learning how your body moves and how to put yourself in the best positions possible is the first step towards building a safe and effective results. All human movement patterns (hinging, squatting, overhead, pressing, pushing, pulling, lunging,  jumping, kipping, etc…) when taught effectively you will realize how they can transfer over from bodyweight training to weight lifting. The quality in which your body moves is to the degree you can chase your results, recover from workouts and keep your joints/tendons and bones healthy over the long term. #mechanicsMatter


Mechanics are the first step but it doesn’t stop there. Having the skills and ability to maintain mechanics consistently will. Everyone is a superstar their first few reps or first set in a workout. Building consistency with good mechanics is the 2nd step towards healthy and strong FITness. With mechanics we teach positions and how to perform the movements correctly with consistency we now test those mechanics with a higher rep sets 5 to 10+ reps.


Intensity is the key reaching your peak potential with your FITness results. And honestly this is where most clients can get in trouble with their FITness. Adding Intensity too soon or with too much can lead to poor patterns, excess soreness, chronic aches or acute injuries.

How we train Intensity is through timing and pacing. Once mechanics and consistency is tried and proven we can now use the clock to start to push yourself (like in sport). The Big deal with Intensity is neuroendocrine response you receive. It’s used and misunderstood for good reason. Not only is it a powerful natural system that influences everything from your mood when you wake up in the morning to how fast you metabolize your dinner, but it is also, and perhaps more importantly, a system that can be optimized for more effective physical training and performance.

When M-C-I is in place you are safeguarding yourself from chronic and acute injuries and damn near guaranteeing yourself results as high as you want to go with your FITness:-)

Wednesday’s Workout Is…

A: Jerk
(every 90-seconds)

B: 5-Rounds For Time:
50 Doubles
30 Deficit Lunges
15 Toes to Bar (5 MU’s)
10 Shoulder to OverHead

Post by Chris; @mr.cpm