One of my major reasons why I love what we do at CPMFITness is the amount of mental and physical potential it brings. I feel like you can actually achieve more than your physically allowed too. Another major reason why I love CPM is because it can be like a fine wine, “you can get better with age”… WOW! One of my personal goal is to be in better shape when I am 40 then when I was 30.

Here are four things I found from a great coach at CrossFit Invictus in San Diego, CA. These points can be applied to anyone at any age about how we all can continue to progress as an athlete ages into the future.

Consistency, consistency, consistency. Prioritize your health and fitness. Set aside time to train and stick to your schedule (just like that 30/30 Challenge right:)– it’s not dictated by whether or not your friends want to get together for lunch, or if you wake up on time . . . Make it happen and it Will Happen!

Keep it fun. You must have a great demeanor toward training. When you see it as fun and embrace challenges – there’s never any whining. Fun is the key ingredient for long lasting motivation. The day you stop having fun is the day you are in jepeodry of quitting.

Train smart to stay healthy. Or I like to say, DGH (Don’t Get Hurt), All athletes should have a constant dialogue with their physical state. Your body will tell you, through pain or discomfort, that it might be wise to work around a sore joint or muscle. You must listen to your body and make adjustments instead of blindly training themselves into injuries. Mobility, active recovery and sleep is just as important as the training you are doing.

Eat well, but not obsessively. Balance is the key with your nutrition. Obsessive eating patterns are not fun nor sustainable over the long haul. Understand the most important principles of good nutrition and put them to work, but don’t allow food to be a source of stress.

Did I miss anything? What have you learned that has helped you continue to get, “better with age”?

The O-Board Says…

10 Rounds for Time
100m Sprint
10 Pushups

“The Animal”
150 KB Swings for time

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