Your Life is Over But It Has Just Begun

I thought it would be fun to ask some of the CPM regulars for a bit of parenting advice for Chris and Annie. Here is everything you need to know to be the best parents to your new baby boys. Congratulations!

Always trust your gut. Always. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. You’ll be the boys’ best advocates. ~ Bri

Laugh. Be their best friend and advocate. Give them both roots to build strength from but wings to fly on their own. And always send funny parenting snaps to us 😉 ~ Lisa Z

“This too, shall pass…” No matter how difficult something feels, and no matter how hard things get, with kids, everything is a stage. Before you know it the trial of the day is in your rear view. That goes both ways – the good stuff flies by too! ~ Shannon

Buy cheap onesies and don’t be afraid to cut it off in the event of a blowout. ~ Lance

When that time comes when they won’t stay in bed reverse the door lock on their bedroom door. ~ Geoff

Sleep when they sleep or you’ll look like this
~ Casey

Everything you may have ever thought, “my kid will never have boogers hanging out of their nose or throw a tantrum at the store.” Throw all those thoughts out the window and just love them, hug them and be present. ~ Marin (the Mayor)

Never compare your child to another. They all do their own thing in their own time. Also, don’t sweat the small stuff. I know that’s an overused term, but seriously. If there’s not blood, bones or death, it’s all going to be ok! ~ Melissa

My favorite part of being a parent is watching them grow up and mature into exactly who God created them to be (personalities, talents, strengths, etc.). I mostly try to stay out of the way and not mess them up too bad! (And, never turn down a chance to snuggle whether that is rocking them to sleep, wrestling on the floor, holding their hand in the school hallway (at least until the point they think that’s awkward and then laugh together at the awkward moment), spending an extra two minutes just laying next to them or rubbing their back before bed, etc). ~ Todd

Hold them – watch them sleep – let the laundry pile up – hire a cleaning person to come in occasionally – order take out – do whatever makes your life easier at the moment. You can’t do everything – even though you think you can – let others help you. Take lots of pics!! ~ Chelsi

It may seem cute to let them run around naked or let them air out on the changing table, however, boys tend to spring a leak when you least expect it….beware. ~ Bort

Make sure to take time to enjoy the moment. Those tiny boys you just held in your arms will soon be out of the house. As much as you try to slow it down, time flies quickly! Don’t compare yourself to other parents. Be the best YOU can be. Don’t feel guilty about taking care of yourself. It’s not selfish. Get some ‘ME’ time and find a good babysitter for date nights.
It’s essential to avoid burnout.
~ Gina

Remember, sleep begets sleep. The boys learning to self sooth will be a game changer for all parties at night. In the meantime embrace the fact that you’ll be sleep deprived for a spell. You’ll feel miserable and question why you did this to yourself. Another words, it’s a lot like minute 13 of a CPM workout. Suck it up…you’ll come out of this phase a stronger person. Oh, one more thing. Chris, get up in the night as much as possible with Annie (or when she isn’t needed, you get up and let her sleep), she’ll love you for it. She hauled these kids around for the better part of nine months while you were doing handstands, the least you can do is get your butt out of bed. ~ Aaron (ACE)

When putting boys to bed at night and they start crying, not pain or wet diaper crying you’ll be able to tell the difference in their pitch, remember no child has died from crying themselves to sleep. Soon they will be sleeping through the night on own. Earplugs also help if they have endurance crying lungs, I may have tried it. ~ Chad B

As I ponder what is good advice I think to myself about all the mistakes I have made raising four kids. As you all know I have Trey (3), Eli (7), Ryder (9), and Alexis (17). Where do I start? I’ve made a few! Looking back from the start I was 20 years old, didn’t know a thing outside of playing college ball and partying. There is no advice that I can give you that the rest of the crew have already expressed, great insight! I love it how every one at our gym is so smart and strong! Chris and Annie you got this! It’s work and you know this! Laugh and Love each day, it’s that easy! Being a teacher for 10 years educating youth from Pre-K through eighth grade, I have seen alot of kids come in and out of my classroom. Why I say this is because there is so much more that happens before the age of 5. This is what you have in store for yourself, scary I know! Be strong with a tender heart. It goes along way. I know that they are very small small right now and it’s hard to grasp what tough love looks like. To me tough love is talking soft when everyone is talking loud, slowing down and breathing when you don’t have time too, stretching when it hurts and most importantly is to love unconditionally. God will guide you and bless you along the way. Stay strong and before long imagine the stories you will have!
~ Nick T

And finally my piece of advice…

My mom once told me this. Stand up for your kids because there is no guarantee that anyone else will. Be honest, vulnerable and admit it when you need help. It’s a wild and crazy ride but the best ride ever! ~ Emily

~Mother Plucker

AMRAP 30 minutes:
400m Run
30 Ball Slams
20 Weighted Step Ups
5 Manmakers
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