Time to spread some positivity! Speaking for myself I’ve found this time challenging both in my personal life and in business. I am extrovert. I love people. I love the energy a crowd can bring and social interaction. I love being hands-on and helping people.

These past few weeks I have had a roller coaster of emotions. Yes the gym is still open but I miss the people. I wake up feeling empty and discouraged that I am not fulfilling my purpose. It’s been a month since I have got to hug my parents. And then having the kids home full-time….😳 well I am pretty lucky on this end as I have a hubby that is 💯hands-on, so I get a free pass when it comes to homework, unless it’s art 🎨. I know my challenges are very minor compared to others but this is my story.

After days of ups and downs I have realized a few important things. Connection is important! Whether it’s via zoom, FaceTime or a phone call. It’s about showing up as a mom and wife without all the other distractions and enjoying the family suppers we have together. It’s about finding the time to unite 🙏🏽with the man above. Something I had gotten away from. And it was through this connection I was reminded that my purpose and passion does not have to be put on hold because of fear.

This quarantine will not steal my joy. Some would say the sensible thing would be turn around and walk away but I can’t. It means too much. Being a light in the lives of others will only make me stronger even if that means stepping outside my comfort zone. If you love what you do. Find a way to fill your bucket. Where there is a will, there is a way, as passion never fades.



For Time
100 Doubles
4 Rounds
20 Toe to Ring/T2B
30 Plate Snatch
60 sec plank hold
100 Doubles