Strength means Safety and Safety means Strength! 

One of the key ways to improve flexibility and range of motion is to create strength at end range positions. Simply put, the strength you create will send signals to your brain that you are in a safe position and your nervous system will RELAX and unlock the flexibility you already have:-)

Hip tightness is an epidemic in the western society. To combat this we need a really accessible yet potent stretch to pay back all the mobility debt we have created in our seated, sedentary world we live in.

Introducing my FAVORITE Hip Flexor ‘stretch’… The Longest Lunge!

The Benefits

  • A complete beginner can greatly benefit from this just as much as some who is incredibly flexibility.
  • We can also apply a lot of great mobility techniques: pulsing, loaded, PNF, etc…

The Setup

  • It is basically just a lunge but the knee doesn’t travel forward. You want the front leg less than 90 degrees.
  • The front hip is flexed and the back leg is extended.
  • The back leg is as straight as you can be. A tiny bit of bend is okay.
  • As you improve you will be able to go lower in the lunge.


  • Sink into the lunge.
  • (Pro-Tip) On the back leg we want the weight to be biased towards the little toe.
  • A we can start to get deeper this will just begin to mimic a pseudo split position.
  • Use a contractive element to where we’re trying to pull the legs both together scissoring as well as bending the front leg gets more aspects of the lead leg hamstring.
  • At the same time we can also use this expansive force we’re trying to push through the back heel, through the heel resist.
  • You can do short (10-15 seconds) or longer holds (45 – 60 seconds)

In this demo video I am using the method of pulsing in and out of the stretch for reps.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

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Tuesday’s Workout Is…

5-rounds for Time:

800 run
30 KB Swings
30 Pull-Ups
**Last Did (8/4/17)**

Post by Chris; @mr.cpm