Lately I have been lacking motivation to workout. Yes I could blame my bad wheel (hip) but I don’t think that is it. My job as a coach is to lead, instruct and motivate people daily. “Loving” to workout is my genes, right? Wrong. I workout because I know the human body was made to move.

Just like the seasons are changing, I think our bodies go through seasons as well. Imagine if things were exactly the same year round. If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant😊. Change is good and sometimes needed.

So this week I am channeling my inner power to overcome these mental roadblocks and reboot my workout motivation.

Here is my plan so far:

  • I gave myself a 3-day break. This was not intentional but it did the trick. I felt anxious, moody, stiff and lacked energy. Not working out makes me feel worse and is probably the best motivation power to get me back to the gym.
  • Changing up my routine. I am going to do the opposite of my normal routine for the next 10-days. I will continue with 3-Metcons per week but will add some strength training and light cardio on the other days.
  • Getting outdoors. I took advantage of the gorgeous days we had earlier this week. Fresh air helps clear my brain. We head to ND for Thanksgiving and let me tell you being on the farm is so peaceful. From the sunsets, to the relaxing river sounds. I am looking forward to our time outdoors.
  • Adding yoga back into my life. I know most of you would never guess this but I was aspiring to become a “yogi” before I found CPM. I miss it and I know my body would benefit from it as well.

I realize that staying motivated everyday to get to the gym can be tough. This is normal and we will all have these days. This is my truth. It’s our job to be gentle with ourselves and remember that the seasons of life are temporary. Nothing lasts forever.



A. Backs Squats

200 run
3 back squats heavy