Barring an acute event (like falling on an outstretched arm), most shoulder injuries come from repeated, cumulative damage.

Hard Truth: Almost everyone is at risk for Shoulder Injuries.

The Subscapularis (LINK) tends to get plenty of stimulation in our “front-of-the-body-internal-rotation” happy gyms. This means it’s usually pretty tight and strong.

Combine this with things like:

  • desk work
  • driving
  • using a mouse/keyboard
  • stress (which often makes people tighten up their traps and hunch their shoulders)
  • sitting/standing in “hunchback” posture
  • lack of attention to the muscles you can’t see in the mirror

…and you have the perfect storm for shoulder pain.

Many people ignore the warning signs of shoulder trauma (such as pain and limited mobility) until the situation is serious.

Don’t go like that.

Whether you feel pain while bench pressing, reaching overhead, throwing, punching, paddling, or all of the above… if your shoulder hurts, take the time to deal with it immediately. Don’t push through the pain. It will not get better if you ignore it, and will probably get worse.

But WAIT! There is Good News

A strong, stable and flexible rotator cuff can preserve shoulder health and increase upper body strength.

Rotational work could be a missing link in your routine / life:-) Below are 2 exercises to put to the test and see how you feel and perform.


Wednesday’s Workout is…

A. Deadlift

B. AMRAP 20min
5 DeadLifts
10 Pull Ups
15 Air Squats

Post by Chris; follow me on instagram; mr.cpm

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