The older I get, the more I admire simplicity. With my eldest child entering high school this year, lots of emotions have come to the surface. It has pushed me to reevaluate how I spend my time and what is truly important to me.

Simplicity is all about essence. And purpose. It means to simplify as much as possible — but not more — to reduce it to it’s core.

So how does one begin to simplify their life?

Focus on what is important to you and nothing else. This means to do more of what makes you truly happy. This involves removing as much distraction from your life as possible, so you can live with purpose and fulfillment.

#1 Turn Down the Noise

Noise is a distraction. Turn off the TV, limit your time on social media and use your own thoughts to create that reality for yourself.

#2 Clarify What You Want and Need

Clarity helps you stay on track. It gives you purpose. Goal setting is not my strong suit but I know by setting goals I am making a decision on what is important to me.

#3 Do Less without Losing Anything

We all have those never ending TDL’s. What if we just focus on our top priorities and get rid of those tasks that don’t fit in with what matters the most. In the end we will gain a lot: more joy, less stress, more recognition and more success in what you do.

#4 Say “No” in Order to Say “Yes”

This is a tough one for me as I am a people pleaser. But learning to say no with confidence will get you more respect than saying “yes” and not being able to deliver. Something I heard a while back and try to remind myself of is that every time you are saying “yes” to someone else you are saying “no” to yourself.

#5 Declutter

This is the one area I am good at. I love to purge! Decluttering allows more space for creativity and makes room for new thoughts. It also brings more structure into your thoughts and gets rid of the distraction by things that should have been gone for good.

#6 Invite Silence into Your Life

Learn to spend quality-time with yourself. I love silence. I use this time to do some self-reflection or just listen to the sounds of nature. It helps to clear my mind, leaving me feel refreshed and ready to tackle what’s to come.

In an age of constant distraction and information overload, simplicity is not an easy task. The more we declutter and simplify our lives, the happier and better off we’ll be.



A. Squat Clean Complex: Every 2 minutes for 4 rounds:
2 Hang Squat Cleans
2 Squat Cleans

B. For time:
800m run
3 rope climbs*
21 squat cleans

800m run
3 rope climbs*
15 squat cleans

800m run
3 ropes climbs*
9 squat cleans

**Scale for rope climbs: 3 pull ups 3 push ups 3 air squats = 1 rope climb

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