Now that the holiday season is here, we have many added events, stresses, and reasons to get ourselves off track and lose focus on what our ultimate goal at hand is.

The holiday stats on weight gain are astounding and inexcusable. The average american gains 1 pound on Thanksgiving and never, I repeat never looses it. An even more gut wrenching (literally and figuratively). This same american that gains 1 lb on turkey day will gain up to 9 lbs, and the weight will NEVER come off!

Don’t let this be you Fit Ones!

Why do we use the holidays as an excuse to gorge and throw out all of the good habits that we have established throughout the year, only to have to start back at square one or even be in a worse position than you were before in January?

The time is now to stay motivated!

Statistics show the average person gains 7 t o10 lbs for the holidays so this is a great distraction to help people stay on track.

No more waiting till the New Year.

The “Project Zero” Challenge is a program pretty much everyone can use: Its aim is to avoid gaining the dreaded holiday weight. The contest runs from today December 3rd through the first of the year.

The process is simple. You will weigh in the first and last day of the contest. The goal is to not gain weight during the holidays–I am not trying to get people to lose weight, I am just trying to get you to not eat that third piece of pie.

Fit Ones, this is your chance to really push yourself and prove to yourself that you are willing to keep your health a priority this 2018.

My challenge for you is for the next 30 days, keep your Fit Chic Diet in check, and move 10 minutes each day!

This is your chance not your chore to truly be the “Best You Can Be”!!!!

Make this holiday season a positive outcome for all of  your health and fitness goals and prove to yourself that you can do this, even in the toughest times.

So Fit Ones … who’s in?

Today’s Workout is…

A. Thruster – (Every 2 min)

B. 400m Run
4 Rounds
10 Hand Release Pushups
30 Wall Balls
40 Russian Twists
400m Run

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