“Nothing worth it is easy. Nothing easy is worth it.”

This phase I have talked about often. It humbles me when things get challenging or I start something new that I suck at.

Please stop seeing being a beginner (or lack of results) as something negative. It’s actually quite an amazing thing, going through the effort to learn something new.

Honestly, I love being a beginner (constant student) and working with beginners. As a coach I embrace the challenge, and as a practitioner it helps me stay close to the learning process and connect with my clients.

So when I get comments like “maybe I should wait until I get ‘in-shape’ to start the gym” I think NO! Not being able to do (xyz) is the best possible reason to take action on it.

Are you afraid of failing?

Good luck learning anything. I can guarantee you will fail, but the point is to learn lessons from those failures. “It ain’t a loss… It’s a lesson.”

Afraid of other peoples’ judgement?

Don’t be. Most people just worry about themselves. The fact that you’re there, going through effort to try to learn something you can’t do yet is a very respectable thing.

Comparing yourself to others?

Quit it. I can also guarantee there will be people better than you who learn faster. If you focus on their learning process instead of your own it’s only a setup for disappointment.

Much love and respect to all the beginners out there busting their butts to learn something. Get Out There, Get Started and Get After It.

Inspired by @yuri_marmerstein


A.Clean and Jerk
*every 90s*

B. For Time (Fun with Ladders)
Clean and Jerk = 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Burpees = 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20

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