Let’s be honest. We all do it. We compare our lives, our career, our bodies, our families, our kids, our houses, etc.  And even though we hate how the comparison game makes us feel, we do it anyways.

Comparison is a liar who says our best won’t ever be good enough.

It’s a game our minds really enjoy playing and at its core, comparison implies that we humans can be ranked. Which, WE CANNOT. No human is of greater or lesser value then the next. We are all equal!

Growing up I played the comparison game all the time. I struggled a lot with self-confidence and had pretty low self-esteem. I found myself constantly comparing my body, hair, clothes and popularity to those around me. It was exhausting.

The truth is, when we begin to compare ourselves to others it’s not about them, it’s about our own insecurities. We are trying to seek comfort for our own pain (making ourselves feel better) or wallow in it.

So how does one stop the comparison game?

  1. Shut off the negative self-talk. The key is to become aware that it’s something you do, and then recognize when it’s happening and choose to change these thoughts to something more positive. Then commit to it.
  2. Celebrate the success of others. I have been guilty of being bitter and envious of those I love (or even like) when something good happens to them. And for what? To stir up resentment? I have learned that it feels SO much better to celebrate others rather then tear them (and yourself) down.
  3. Use others as inspiration, not a measuring stick. If you find yourself wanting what others have, it’s a sign that you need to start working towards that goal. There is room for everyone to succeed.
  4. Stay in your lane. I have written about this a few times. Everyone’s path is different. That’s why comparing is a bit ridiculous. It builds barriers between us and pits us against one another. We are all on our own unique journey. Our lives are all completely different including our looks, likes, dislikes, pet peeves and skill sets.

This is definitely an area I am still working on in my life. I wanted to write this as much to create a constant reminder to myself, as to share some thoughts with you as well.

As humans, it’s in our DNA to compare ourselves to others and I get that. But this game is just a complete waste of our gifts. We will never know someone else’s full story. We were not born to live their life. So why get distracted through envy of theirs. Instead let’s start living our life – not by comparing our game to that of others – but by winning at our own.



A. Hang Snatch

B. 6 rounds (each 2-minutes)
– 15/11 calorie Row
– 5 Hang Snatch
– Max Doubles

Rest 1 minute between rounds