This question came up (again) in a conversation I had recently with a client..

Success or failure??

Which do you learn the most from? Most people will tell you that mistakes are what you learn from, but I learn more from my successes than I do my mistakes. If there’s a consistent mistake I make, it’s that I don’t learn from what just worked for me.

“If it ain’t broke….”

If I do something successfully, then I try something new… That sounds dumb. Stay focused on your successes and repeat them. Focus on where you’ve won, the meal prep for the week, making it everyday to a workout last week, reaching for water vs. a soda…and then do it a 2nd time, a 3rd time, a 4th time.

People spend too much time focusing on the mistakes and not enough time simply doing what worked. Quit thinking that you can only learn from mistakes. If that were true, you could only learn by making mistakes. Pay attention to what’s worked, what’s winning.

Remember OPM…

Learn from Other People’s Mistakes and learn from your own successes!

Find what works and repeat it again. Find out why it works and do it again. When you fall off track, go back to your successes. You get what you pay attention to, so if you pay attention to your mistakes you’re going to get mistakes. Pay attention to your success and you’ll find more success

You don’t have to keep changing everything when it works! An idiot can learn from their mistakes. The wise learn from the mistakes of others. An idiot has success and then tries something new. The wise keep doing what’s successful.

Pick ONE of your successes you’ve learned from and share it in the comments. 

Wednesday’s Workout Is…

A. Pick your Squat of Choice

4 Rounds for Time:
600m Run
25 Barbell Squats (OHS/BS/FS)
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