First, lets talk about the word supplement. A supplement is something that completes or enhances something else when added to it. In terms of nutrition, supplements are meant to improve your health.

But can’t we get everything we need from food?

In a perfect world, one would like to think so but the foods we eat no longer contain the vitamins and minerals necessary for our optimal health. Today’s soil has been depleted of nutrients, plants are being treated with pesticides and animals are cooped up instead of free roaming. Not to mention, we live with too much stress, are sleep deprived and don’t move enough.

So does this mean skip the veggies and pop a pill?

A supplement won’t fix an unhealthy diet. A supplement should be taken to fill in the nutritional gaps.

Three nutritional gaps worth mentioning

1) Greens Supplement

Most of us do NOT eat enough veggies at each meal. It’s believed that we need to eat five times the amount of vegetables daily then our grandparents did to get the same benefits. “While greens can’t replace a diet sufficient in vegetables, the blend of antioxidants, enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals in these products can be extremely helpful.” – source precision nutrition.

2) Protein Supplement

Food is always the best option but most people are crunched for time and do not get enough quality protein in their diet. For those that exercise, a good protein powder has many benefits such as increased muscle development, speed of recovery and reduces soreness. I am a big fan of a post-workout protein shake.

3) Fish Oil Supplement

The body does not make omega-3’s. It’s something you can only get from your diet. Omeg-3’s fatty acids do so many fantastic things in the body. A fish oil supplement could be a key source to helping you get enough omega-3’s. I prefer one with Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, something I definitely lack living in SD.

Bottom line…

We don’t need supplements to survive. Lots of people have reached their fitness goals without the use of anything. Eating a balanced diet should be our #1 priority, however with our busy lives it’s hard to get it all in and do it well. With use of supplements to fill in the gaps, daily exercise and good sleep we are one step closer to the fountain of youth.



– 350m Run
– 50m Walking Lunge

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