We perform a lot of movements at CPMFITness and typically I feel we go through the movement and don’t fully understand the “why” or the importance of the task. I am such a “why” person. When I know the why and reason behind doing something I take more of a vested interest. So today we are back squatting and we do this often and I am here to tell you why.

Contrary to the phrase I as a trainer here commonly “I can’t squat I have bad knees”…
Not only are squats not bad for the knees, every legitimate research study on this subject has shown that squats improve knee stability and therefore help reduce the risk of injuries. Which is why we focus so much on keeping that chest tall hinging at the hips and really pushing those knees out on the way down keeping your weight in your heels. So make sure you listen to your friendly CPM Coach.

The high bar is better than the low bar. The low bar is better than the high bar. You should only box squat. You should never box squat. You should never do more than 5 reps. You should always do more than 5 reps. There’s no 1 way to do back squats they are all good.

Squats are great for the midline stabilization and core strength. When done right (keeping the chest tall, squeezing the shoulder blades, and not allowing the back to collapse) you will actual strengthen the low back. When enabling the core you take all the pressure off your back and get some sick abs in the process!

Back Squats will give you the booty in the box (especially the lower that you go). You want to fill out those jeans then perform this functional movement and you will have a booty that will amaze!

Back Squats improve flexibility and balance the full range of motion movement helps keep the body limber, flexible, and improves balance and control as you lower down and extend up in the movement.

Mark Rippetoe states ….“The back squat is literally the only exercise in the entire repertoire of weighted human movement that allows the direct training of the complex movement pattern known as hip drive.”

Back squats will help you run faster. One can simply apply more force to the ground when running with a stronger squat – beneficial to both short distance runners as well as long distance runners.
More mobility and less pain.

Back squat can help develop power which will directly correlate and help with all the other movements we perform (especially with the bar i.e. deadlift, snatch, and clean) at CPMFITness.

While the Back Squat utilizes a wide array of muscles, it’s main players are the quads, hamstrings, glutes, & abs. These are your biggest muscle groups in our body all getting used by one exercise … meaning you can kill two birds with one squat …

Now you have the information you need to get the most out of your squat ….

The O-Board Says…

400 run/row
40 Barbell Lunge
40 Wtd Situps
600 run/row
30 Box Jumps
30 (2ct) russian twists
800 run/row
20 ball slams
20 Toe To Bar

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