This could be from the repercussions of a gluten enriched diet….

I found out I had a gluten allergy in 2003 and after finding this information out I did not even know what “Gluten” was or how to avoid it? It was not like today with all the wonderful resources to go to. So from that day I made it my mission to help as many people as possible feel the best the possibly can; and here is a key factor I have seen time and time again really affecting people in a negative way.

# 1 You will feel energized:

When you remove gluten from your body it allows the vitamins and minerals you eat to digest properly and give you more energy. People with gluten issues have also been linked to diseases such as Anemia also causes people to feel tired, and in the case of Celiac disease, iron isn’t being absorbed and the lack of this important vitamin can also make you feel drained. Many of my clients who have gone gluten-free don’t need that caffeine kick and avoid the pesky 4 ‘o’clock lulls.

# 2 Your Digestive Tract will be in Tact: 

A lot of IBS, colitis, and digestive issues stem from gluten issues. It creates inflammation in the small intestine, which makes it difficult for the right nutrients to be absorbed properly. When you eliminate your gluten it helps with reduce upset stomachs, ,gas, cramping, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation too.

# 3 Inflammation is Reduced: 

Cytokines cause inflammation in other body tissues as well. People with a gluten intolerance may experience joint pain, muscle cramping, severe soreness, and arthritis. Inflammation of skin tissues and diseases such a psoriasis may be a sign of gluten resistance.

If you have any of these symptoms or diagnosis’, Gluten can be your main culprit keeping you from feeling great. Try it out for 30 days and see if you feel any different. If you do, why would you ever go back?

Monday’s Workout is…

A. Clean and Jerks

B. For Time:
400m Run
15 Clean and Jerks
3 Rope Climbs (or 10 Pullup)
400m Run
12 Clean and Jerks
2 Rope Climbs (or 8 Pullup)
400m Run
9 Clean and Jerks
1 Rope Climbs (or 6 Pullup)
400m Run

Posted By: Annie