Failure is not something we, as a society, often talk about ….

Not only is failure not bad, failure one of the most effective ways to learn and grow.

As a coach I always tell my clients I would much rather see you try and know you couldn’t then not try and say “maybe I could have”.  

It’s in the failure that we usually learn the most it’s in the hurt that gives us clarity and makes us stronger. 

What if we valued failure, saught out failure, and planned for a solution to it … 

For example I am going to workout first thing in the am .. going to bed ten minutes earlier, walking with music to boost my mood, structuring my day so I find the time.

when life gets hectic, I tend to move my own needs down on my priority list. 

But I also know that deprioritizing myself doesn’t help me live my ideal life. Therefore, by placing accountability into my plan, I’ll keep the promises to myself so even in the failures I will be succeeding 

Support is important. If your goals, commitments, or action steps involve other people they are more likely to happen just like a marriage the more I involve my spouse, the more I am able to play to my strengths and help me attain the goals I want to attain. 

When you fail, they will help lift you up or figure out an alternative for you!

Last surrounding yourself with other like-minded people helps keep you motivated and provides a support network to keep you on track when you fail.

Tune in to this latest episode of “Marriage Fit”, to get the male/female perspective of “failing”.

Today’s Workout is…

0-4: 400m Run, MAX Pull-Ups Rest 1 (get score) 5-9: 500m Row, MAX Squats Rest 1 10-14: 400m Run, MAX Push-Ups Rest 1 15-19: 500m Row, MAX Box Jumps Rest 1 20-24: 400m Run, MAX Sit Ups Rest 1 25-29: 500m Row, MAX Ball Slams Posted By: Annie
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