It looks so easy. It’s just a jump rope. All they are doing is passing the rope twice for every jump. SO WHY CAN’T I DO IT!!

Jumping rope is a tremendous conditioning tool that has been used for years to improve endurance and coordination. I have witnessed some pretty amazing things from people lifting tremendous amounts of weight, running like the wind and completing pull-ups until their arms falls off, but as soon as they pick up a jump rope, it’s like they have two left feet.

For many people, jumping rope was something of the past. You might be one of those people who when starting with CPMFitness picked up a jump rope and said “I haven’t jumped rope since I was a kid!” This is a pretty common scenario. That scenario eventually turns into “I wish I kept jumping rope, I would be able to do double-unders by now!” 😁Here’s the good news, “you CAN teach an old dog 🐶 new tricks.”

Here are some tips and tricks to perfect the art of jump roping:

  1. Master singles first – go for 100 single jumps in a row unbroken then move on to doubles
    2. Purchase your own rope – consistency is important
    3. Don’t use arms to spin the rope, its all about the wrists
    4. Keep those elbows glued to your sides at all times
    5. Jump only high enough to clear the rope (1 inch off the ground). Jumping too high = tired legs
    6. Jumping and landing on the balls of feet – No piking or donkey kicks, think pogo stick
    7. Relax and don’t forget to breath. Doubles are a single with just an extra “flick”.

The rule to life is you have to continue day in and day out to practice your craft. The more work you put in, the more work you’re going to get out of it, the better results you’re going to see. Sound familiar?!? Learning to double-under is no different. It takes time, patience, persistence and most importantly PRACTICE. If you have a goal of being able to do 1 double-under or string 100 in a row, you need to practice. So they next time you see the word “youghh” (the usual) on the board. Take it seriously and use the opportunity to improve the art of jumping rope.



A: Split Jerk

B. Partner AMRAP 20
P1: 330m 2.0 Run (400m Row)
P2: Works through AMRAP
3 Push Jerk
6 Push-ups
9 Squats
20 Doubles

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