When you re-enter out of your quarantine life will be different.

Are you different? (For more info see this previous POST)

Because everything around you has changed; your job, your daily routine, your family, the rules of engagement with other human beings.

How do you feel about your re-entry back into society?

  • Super pumped! Everyday feels like groundhog day and the Corona seems not as deadly as Social Media poses.
  • Hesitate. You are cautious and considerate of others. You are not super concerned about yourself but feel you have a responsibility towards others.
  • Not ready. Everything seems very unclear. You are nervous about how contagious this sounds and you have important people if your life you must consider that lean toward the High Risk side.

Regardless of how you feel today life will settle down and society will get back to normal (well a new normal). A comeback is in your future.

So with that, I pose the question to you;

“How do you Comeback from a Set-Back (injury/failure/quarantine)?”

Comeback’s can be HARD! I heard these 3 things from a mentor of mine, Kobe Bryant in a podcast recorded last year on how he approaches a comeback from one of his many injuries he had over his career. I believe it definitely applies to FITness and Quarantine comebacks.

  1. One Step at a Time
  2. Time Flies
  3. Don’t let today ruin your tomorrow.

One Step at a Time
Look right in front of you, taking your set-back day-by-day, step-by-step. Don’t look at the top of the mountain you are about to climb. Once we start to feel the road back is daunting, not reasonable or unachievable we will start to believe it and the more and longer we believe that we are already setting ourselves up to quit or make the road a lot longer to travel.

Time Flies 
The days are long and the years are short. Doesn’t this quarantine life feel like its been 5 months vs. 5 weeks?!? Everyday is important. The slightest of improvements makes a difference. Even if you don’t feel like you are making progress. Even if you have a bad day. If you are sticking to your plan you will get better.

Don’t let today ruin tomorrow. 
Again, everyday is important. When you have setbacks and are unmotivated to work towards your goal/plan it can cost you valuable time. Own your day and your decisions. Don’t allow circumstances and external factors to make decisions for you. You can commit and stick to your goals regardless of what is around you.

Thursday’s Workout Is…

A. Back Squats

B. For MAX Reps with 1 min stations of:
1. Wallball
2. Push Press
4: Box Jumps
5: Cal Row
Rest 1 Minute after each

Post by Chris; @mr.cpm