Last week I mentioned that I dislike the b-word. And it’s not the b-word you’re thinking of. I’m talking about the word “busy.”

Busyness has becomes a badge of honor in our culture. Our self-worth is often tied up to how much we have on our plate, how busy we are, and how busy our kids are. It can almost be like a competition in some friendships on whoever has more on their plate wins.

Unfortunately, busyness is something that we have preprogrammed into our vocabulary.  It’s our default word when people ask how we are doing. It’s also the excuse for not getting things done.

But what bothers me the most is being busy zaps our ability to be fully present. This constant need for self-worth spins us in circles, distracting others, and ourselves while our real life is slowly slipping by.

In the book “One word that will Change your Life”, there is a sentence that caught my attention.

Busyness is a disease that is robbing us of life.

So I got thinking, is there a way to have a ”full” life without the busy? If so what does that look like?

  1. Being “full” is based on intentional choices. It’s purposeful because we took time to prioritize.
    • Busy is an emotion. It’s reactionary. It’s a symbol of value and achievement. And pressures us to do more.
  2. Being “full” is being available. It means letting go of things. Letting go of being in charge and letting go of our fears. This allows more space to say yes to the things that matter the most. Things that bring you enjoyment, grace, patience and laughter.
    • Being busy is full of saying “no”, “I can’t”, “I wish”, “maybe next time”.
  3. Being “full” is being happy and content. Being fulfilled allows us to tune into our souls. To feel. To think. To enjoy and be grateful for the present.
    • Busy is running on empty.

We get so wrapped up in this state of busyness we forget that there is another way that does not have to deplete us. The choice is ours. Get intentional. Prioritize your time. Do less. Focus more and start living life!



For Time:
100 Situps
40 Deadlifts
40 Box Jumps
40 wall balls
40 HR push ups
40 Box Jumps
40 wall balls
40 HR Pushups
100 situps