I have talked to you in the past few weeks about the importance of nutrition during these uncertain times. There is a lot right now we can’t control, but one thing that we do have full control over is what we put in our mouth.

We talked about the Importance of Nutrition during tough times, so now I want to expand on this topic and talk about the best foods to keep your immune system healthy and strong!

Here are the “Essential” healthy habits to make a priority during this time of isolation.

#1 Make Sure to Eat Your Veggies:
Making this a priority will help keep your immunity strong. Vitamin C is such an important nutrient for immunity and is retained exceptionally well in frozen vegetables—in fact, it has been found in higher amounts in frozen versus fresh. Spinach, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and bell peppers are also all very high in vitamin C.

#2 Spice It Up:
Adding spices to your food not only gives it delicious flavor, but decrease inflammation in the body.
Turmeric, ginger, garlic, and pepper all have high anti-inflammatory agents. Other herbs and spices that reduce inflammation are rosemary, cinnamon, sage, and cloves.

#3 Make Fiber a Priority:
Fiber is phenomenal for gut health, your hormones, brain function, and immune system are all connected. Fiber can be found in vegetables, or boost your intake with fresh fruit. Berries (especially raspberries and blackberries), avocado, passion fruit, and kiwi are all high in fiber. Beyond the produce aisle, beans are high in fiber and they’re easy to stock up on and store.

#4 Avoid Processed Food and Mindless Snacking
While there is absolutely nothing wrong with healthy snacking, mindless snacking on processed junk food all day long will cause fatigue, anxiety and overall weight gain. Working at home or being stuck in the house and stressed or bored makes it easy to overeat. Try to have a few healthy options portioned (apples, nuts, raw veggies with hummus) and ready ahead of time to eat during the day and cut the nighttime snacking.Set a schedule for yourself for eating. Like eat your first meal at 7:30 and last meal at 5:30 this will really omit the snacking and help keep you slim, trim, and happy!

In short, these uncertain times can be stressful, but the way we treat ourselves and what and how we eat will directly affect how we are feeling both physically and mentally.

The O-Board Says…

A. Deadlift (3-3-3-3-3)

4 deadlifts (heavy)
10 evil wheels
15 box jumps

Posted By: Annie