Allow me to clarify the difference between last week’s post, re-Entry Plan (is your Mental, Emotional and Personal Plan) and this post the Back to Normal Plan… (is the Actual Logistical Plan 🙂

COVID-19 became the surprise game-changer in 2020 that nobody welcomed or expected. If you know anything about CPMFITness we don’t shy away from problems (we actually look at them like opportunities) we embrace them and look inward to find ways we can improve… i.e. LEVEL UP!

Regardless it has been a challenging time for all of us. We want to thank each and everyone of you for continuing to commit to yourself and with us at CPMFITness. The fact that we were all in this together has made a BIG difference for us and we can’t thank you enough. 

But just like FITness, there is no finish line; there is only new beginnings and opportunities to make a better you for your future. Our objective in the month of May is setting up our gym and service to ensure a safe, effective and better CPMFITness. In other words we are going to “LEVEL UP” in 3 ways…

During the COVID-19 we definitely had to step up our cleaning of equipment pre/post workout and increase distance + spacing throughout the daily workouts. Expect to see a few new things at the gym as we step this up.
  • CPM Approved Decal Workout Spots: Strategically positioned throughout the gym you will find placeholders for where you can be a minimum of six feet apart.
  • CPM OSHA: We have a full service station of spray bottles to re-fill our sanitized fuel.
  • CPM Sanitizers: More spots throughout the gym with sanitized lotions.
  • The ‘Dirty’ Chip Bucket: We still encourage the use of Chips in an BIG AMRAP. Just don’t worry every time you grab some chips they will be clean:-)


We have overhauled the programming with programmed warmups with clock use and enough time post workout to ensure cleaning of equipment.

  • OGW’s are Back! When class time begins all warmups will be programmed and involve the clock to keep class agenda on time and you a more warmed up body.
  • Class Overlap Policy: Class (OGW) will start promptly when class time begins. Show up a few minutes prior to class and get your ‘warmup’ lap in.
  • Partner workouts will be programmed with caution. Sharing equipment is now a thing of the past but we don’t want to terminate these forever. However when programmed they will be with cautious.
LEVEL 3 = 4 Pillars of CPMFITness “Don’t Join a Gym. Hire a Coach!”
We have evolved our brand of FITness into 4 cornerstone services:
  1. Personal Training
  2. Group Coaching
  3. Nutrition Coaching
  4. Online Coaching

Which one are you? — P, G, N, and/or O.

We’ve been repping Don’t Join a Gym since the tail-end of last year and then BAM!! Most couldn’t even go to a gym for the last 6 weeks. What has come out from all this Corona is….

Coaching > Gym

America is OVERLOADED with information and workouts available and very slim on Action! We are experts in Accountability and Action!

The time is prime for you comeback to your life and this corona was a great oportunity to change/shift your perspective and mindset for a brand you improved you!

Are you ready??

Thursday’s Workout Is…

A. OH squats (5-3-3-1-1)

B. 2 Rounds for Time
21 OH squats
600 M run/row
15 Power Snatch
400 m run/row
9 Squat Snatch
200 m run/row

Post by Chris; @mr.cpm