I heard a phrase recently that has really struck a cord with me.

“In Sales, Business, and Leadership a lot of people try to tell new things to the same old people. When you need to say the same old things to more new people.”

One of the BIGGEST questions I seem to get continually is…

“What does CPM stand for?”

Yeah, yeah… Christopher Paul Mello… Well technically no.

Technically… Courage Potential Motivation

But really its much more. CPM embodies everything that Annie and I have learned, given and our evolution over the last (almost) 17 years! It’s been a wild ride and I wouldn’t trade it for anything or anyone.

We’ve recently re-vamped our CPMFITness podcast. One of the shows, MarriageFIT, was published back in April of 2017. Here is the 1st Episode covers exactly this topic.

What is MarriageFIT: Real Priorities in your life discussed from a 3-way perspective: Male | Female | Couples

Objective: Commitment to is key to success in all areas of your life. Marriage is the ultimate from of Commitment. We are married to each other, our Faith, Family, Health, Community, Career.
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Today’s Workout is…

Deck of Cards
Hearts ♥️ = Lateral Lunge (2-ct)
Clubs ♣︎ = DB Curl to Press
Diamonds ⬥ = Plank Hip Dips (2-ct)
Spades ♠︎ = Leg Levers

Jokers = 5 Manmakers

Kings = 25 Jumping Jacks
Queens = 20 Mt. Climbers
Jacks = 15 Ball Slams
Aces = 11 Burpees
Post by Chris; follow me on instagram; mr.cpm

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