There are 2 things that we have total control over to achieve anything and everything we want to reap out of life….

Our Attitude and Our Activity. 

They compliment each other. One feeds the other and take us to a level of excellence and world class living. They can also take from each other and deflate us down into a dark state of depression and inaction. Bottom line you need to feed and focus on both to determine where you life will go. You are where you are at today due to the history of every thought and every action you have taken.

Below is a list of the successful traits, Doer’s, and a list of the unsuccessful traits, Don’ters. As you will see they are a blend of traits of your Attitude and Activity.

Traits of a Doer

Hardworking: They’re committed and take full responsibility for their own development and their own consequences as a result of pulling up their sleeves and doing all the hard work. They never take no for an answer.

Curious: They have a level of curiosity to always be good and improve as people whether they are in the professional workforce, working to get or stay in-shape or want balance at home.

Self-reliant: They have a lot of initiative. They ask themselves, ‘If I want to create x y, z, how can I actually do this better?’

Relaxed: They are usually not highly-strung but actually quite relaxed in who they are as people and usually are very grounded.

Plan: If you are committed to growing and developing yourself and being the best you possibly can be you will find a way forward. People that don’t have a plan become a don’ter.

Responsible: Instead of what can’t I do, doers ask themselves what can I do and what steps do I need to bring it into fruition. They have a plan.

Traits of a Don’ter

Low self-worth: Lack confidence usually driven by fear because they don’t have a plan.

Irresponsible: Have a victim mindset in which they blame everyone for their failures – the government, parents, partner, boss – but don’t take responsibility for what they are creating or not creating.

Lazy: Most don’ters are not prepared to really put in the work, and usually that’s because of fear. The reason, they don’t have a plan.

Negative: Have a list of why they shouldn’t do something instead of having a list of why they should do something or want to do something.

Unmotivated: Lack of inspiration usually because they’re unhappy in their life, whether it be in their relationship, work or home life etc.

No plan: Don’ters have no direction and therefore no foundation to build goals and see them come to fruition.

Wednesday’s Workout is…

A: Front Squat

B: 5 Rounds (2-min each Round)
200m Run
MAX Front Squats
*1 min rest between rounds

Post by Chris; follow me on instagram; @mr.cpm

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