First off what is an EMOM?

It’s a type of interval workout where you perform a specific task at the start of every minute for a set amount of time.

What are some of the great benefits of EMOM’s?

First they are time efficient – EMOMs remove much of the thinking from a workout; the clock decides when you’ll be working and when you’ll be resting. Every minute you’ll also be able to see if you’ve done the work in a faster or slower pace. It also keeps you on track and not get distracted like some of the workouts can do. I always like a good task to accomplish!

Next Versatility: EMOMs can be programmed to train any workout capacity ie. power, strength, and aerobic or anaerobic skills.

Rest Periods: EMOMs should have built in rest periods. Unlike a normal workout, these rest periods allow you to get your heart rate level, in order to kick it right back up again on the next minute. You can ask yourself … “How was your technique”? “Did your pace slow down or stay the same”? EMOMs allow you to redo the work at the start of the new minute. Which helps get you stronger both mentally and physically.

What are some things you enjoy about EMOM’s CPM’ers?

The O-Board Says…

A. Squat Clean:

B. For Time:
400m Plate Carry
12 Squat Clean
24 Burpees
48 Thai Plank
400m Plate Carry
10 Squat Clean
20 Burpees
40 Thai Plank
400m Plate carry
8 Squat Clean
16 Burpees
32 Thai Plank

Posted By: Annie