I don’t believe that most people really understand the importance nutrition has to our overall health, especially in times of stress and worry. Eating food is an activity most of us do at least three times a day. Logically, what we choose to put in our mouths can have an impact on our overall health.

There is a famous saying “we are what we eat”, and when we really think about it logically it makes sense. If we are filling our body with poisonous chemicals, gmos, and other harmful bacteria how are we supposed to feel good and have our bodies work to the full capacity if we are not feeding it with adequate vitamins, minerals, and macro and micro nutrients.

Nutrition and our dietary habits in general can provide energy, promote metabolic functioning in the body, and ward off chronic and autoimmune diseases.

Here is a phenomenal Ted Talk from Dr. Terry Wahls explaining how she went from having a severe case of MS, where she could not walk and her body was rapidly shutting down until she underwent a diet makeover and did a complete 360 in her overall health and wellness.

Today she is not only walking but is feeling the best she ever has!

After watching this what are some key components you would like to change to your overall health and fitness?

Post your comments below ….

The O-Board Says…

A. Front Squat

B. Buy In: 1000m Row..

Front Squats

Cash Out: 1000m Row

Posted By: Annie