We believe Fitness needs to be a HUGE part of your life (SHOCKER right 😉

There is a host of OBVIOUS reasons; which you all are familiar with,

Lose weight, improve blood chemistry, More energy, Increase Strength, Look better Naked, etc….

I want to talk to you about the “un-obvious” reasons. Reasons that when you read them makes those obvious reasons minimal and these ‘un-obvious’ reasons much more IMPACTFUL and FULFILLING.

1. The HIGHEST Energy Always WINS!!

In every area of life, (family, social setting, and especially business), the MORE fit, healthy and energized person is going to win every single time. I work on my training and my fitness because I want to be operating at my best, for a longer period of time throughout the day.

2. KEEP the promises you make to Yourself.

Fitness is the main area where you can control whether or not you KEEP the promises you make to yourself. This is how SELF CONFIDENCE is built . By keeping the promises you make to yourself. Your diet and your fitness are areas that you can completely control this process in and don’t need the behaviors of others to contribute. One of the fastest ways to build your self-confidence is by committing to your fitness and your nutrition and delivering

3. Feeling AND Looking About Yourself = GAMECHANGER

Simply looking and feeling good about yourself makes all the difference. We get out of life what we believe we are WORTH . And getting fit and healthier is truly treating yourself more kindly. It’s a gift you give yourself, that says “I’m worth being healthier , I deserve more energy and I feel great about myself”

Changing what you believe you are worth will dramatically impact how you influence people and attract others into your life .You will feel better about yourself. You will feel like you’re worthy and deserve more success and happiness and bliss.

I’m not suggesting you have to have big muscles or be a the FITTEST person you know or anything of that sort. What I am saying is that you should do something to move your body every single day so that you have the advantage of health and energy in all areas of your life.

When you REALLY look at your life and all that is involved in it… What is the most important thing you have in your life beyond your faith? It’s your health!

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