Knowledge 🧠 isn’t power💡unless its applied. Well healthy food doesn’t do anything unless it’s eaten:-)

Why we win with Food?

Annie already gave us a tour of our fridge so I thought I could give you the mentality we share on a winning formula for our nutrition🥦🥑🥥


You know your eating healthy 🥗when your friends start making fun of your tupperware. It is a daily ritual in our house that tupperware is stocked for the day the night before. You can’t fail when you have the right food with you at all time.

Sunday Crock Pot

AMMAP as many meals as possible. Annie is a wizard in the kitchen not just for her creative recipes but for her ability to AMMAP a cooking session. We could have something in the oven, on the stove, in the microwave and multiple crockpots going on all at the same time. Everyone has time. Use and abuse it!

Rhythm (habits, routine & discipline)

Un-motivated? Tired from a long day? Pissed 😡 off at your spouse/boss? If you’re serious about your body and health it doesn’t matter. To the degree circumstances affect your healthy habits is to the degree that you are not serious enough about your results. Every Physical body is unique but the path to success has the same requirements for everyone.

Working Together 

Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Listen I’m the first to admit I’m a lucky☘️lucky dude to have a wife like Annie who is smoking hot, the future mother of my children and magnificent in the kitchen. But I do my best to help around. She cooks = I clean… Making your health a priority in your family takes a team effort.


A: Pistol Progressions

B: AMRAP 20min
20 Toes to Bar
20 DB Split Squats
20 (2ct) Russian Twists
200m Farmer Carry

Post by Chris; follow me on instagram @mr.cpm

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