Lets talk at the human level about Food….

1. Food is fuel. Calories are units of energy. We fuel our bodies like a car with gas. When the low fuel light goes on we simply find the nearest (or cheapest) gas station and fill up our tanks. It really could be as simple as that except…

2. Food is also designed for pleasure. We have 3 biological basic tastes; (sweet, salty and fatty) more on this in a past post GOT CRAVINGS. And food companies are smart and out for our money so they do a really good job overstimulating our foods to make it really easy to overeat:-O

3. And then humans are social creatures. We crave (instinctively) other people. We want to hang out and share memories together. A popular and convenient way is over a meal together.

With these 3 things in play it can be very challenging for most who are transitioning to a healthier eating lifestyle to eating healthy when dining out.

Here are some principles I live by when Dining Out. 

a. There is always a healthier alternative. Find your best protein (white meat > dark). Tame your sides; veggies or fruits over starches.

b. Don’t Drink Your Calories. Stick with water, coffee or tea’s. We can drink a lot more and faster than we can eat. In my opinion its easier to avoid drinking sugar than eating it.

c. My Alcohol Trick. Every-time you order an alcoholic beverage pair it with a glass of water. You don’t order another spirit until you finish the glass of water. Now that is drinking responsibly;-)

d. Pick the Place. If you are going out with your friends. Offer to pick the place. Take a quick look at the menu and know what you will order in advance to minimize confusion and decision fatigue.

My Perspective Tips:

-FITness Bank Account. It’s not a CHEAT MEAL (link). You are spending some FITness Cash. That one meal is not going to make or break your diet. If you are doing your job throughout the day and your week you can (and deserve) to go have a good time with important people in your life.

-It’s Hard in the Beginning, Messy in the middle, and Glorious in the end. Just like any goal in life you go through a series of phases to being competent at a new skill in life. Nutrition is a skill and is learned through trial and error. It may take a bit to learn how to order and own your decisions but you will get better if you don’t quit on yourself.

I like to enjoy food and friends as much as the next guy. You can have it all with the right mindset and behaviors.



A. Deadlift (elevated)

B. 3 Rounds for Time:
90 Double Unders
30 Ball Slams
15 Pushups (Ring)

Post by Chris; follow me on instagram @mr.cpm

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