Welcome to the hardest time of the year for Health and FITness. From Thanksgiving Day to New Years Day we are over stressed, over committed, over stimulated and just plain overwhelmed.

Any free moment we have we end up dreaming about the future and pondering our set of this next year’s New Years Resolution’s. Working out our minds to build up the motivation we need to FINALLY make that change we’ve always wanted.

But the BIG problem is Motivation will not get the job done. Why??

So what is motivation really?

The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.
The general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

To understand motivation is to truly appreciate and optimize it. Motivation is (JUST) the spark to your drive and desire for change in behavior and attitude. Hence, why NYR are so present and popular this time of the year!

However, motivation is temporary and high maintenance. Which is why 87% of people will end up NOT keeping up with their NYR.

Allow me to let you in on a secret… The most motivated people in the world only have a limited amount of motivation. Thats right they are just like you and me. The trick to motivation (just like a successful fitness routine) is consistency. Motivation is just like a muscle. It needs to be constantly feed, exercised and nurtured.

So before you make the same mistake this time of the year AGAIN… READ my personal Top 3 ways to Get Motivated (or re-motivated)…

1. Rainy Day File

It’s not about being motivated that makes you successful. It’s about minimizing the time you are NOT motivated that makes you more successful.

Years ago it used to take me 2 months to find motivation.
Then it took 2 weeks.
Then 2 days. 20 minutes.
Now sometimes just 2min.

The less you are un-motivated the more you are motivated. A ‘Rainy Day File’ helps you do just that = minimize un-motivated times. There are videos, blogs and interviews that have motivated you in the past. Save them and pull them out when you need them! I have a file of my favorite reads, speeches, quotes, etc… When I’m feeling the blues I whip them out to remind and remember how to get motivated again.

2. Journaling/Goals/Reflecting

We think about 800 words a minute… Thats A LOT!  (1,440 min/day; over 1 million words a day) My point, it’s way to easy to get distracted. And when we get distracted we get de-motivated and off course. We need constant reminders. Constant feeding. Constant deposits. Our brain and our heart work like a bank account. Deposits and withdrawals. The world is filled with negativity and insecurity. It will withdrawal from your ‘mental account’ everyday. Unless you fill it back up. Training your motivation will take constant affirmations, dreaming, goal setting and accountability to keep your attitude in check and you progressing forward.

3. Surroundings and Associations

Like it or not human beings will adapt to their surroundings, environment and people they associate with. Springing off #2 what we feed our brain will determine how we look at life, feel about life and perform at life. If the world is filled with negativity and insecurity we need to be vigilant on monitoring #3. Start to change what you read, watch and who you associate with. Trade UP! Trade the negativity for the positive. Trade what you want to hear for what you should hear. Hang around and learn from those who you aspire to be. If there is no one you know personally then find them online, read about them, listen to them. Take a look around your life and write down the Top 5 people you spend the most time with; Are they elevating and encouraging you to be better? Or stopping and dragging you down?

Generally it takes 30 days for your blood chemistry to change. 90 days for your muscle to change. It could take years for your thinking to change. But everyday you think and act better you get better. And the longer it takes to change the longer it stays with you. Champions know this. Now you do too. Go get it!

Wednesday’s Workout Is…

AMRAP 25min
10 Deck Squats
20 DumbBell Thrusters
10 Ring Dips
20 Ball Slams

Post by Chris; @mr.cpm