Unmask the lie of your cravings…

I was sitting at church Sunday morning.  The message just stuck with me “Unmask the lie of your cravings” In today’s world we are consumed with the desire to unleash on our cravings; whether it’s spiritual, personal, or work related the desire is everywhere! But why are we feeding those cravings?  Shouldn’t we be feeding the hunger?  What’s the difference anyway?

“A craving is a desire for something we WANT.  A hunger is a desire for something we NEED.”


The message isn’t as simple as it is read.  We live in a world that teaches us to cave in and want what the rest of the world has, a they’re doing it so you can too mentality.  It’s easy to be sucked into that world.  I am not just talking about our craving for food, but maybe fitting in, an addiction of some sort, or we are craving to look like someone else!  What really is the hunger?  What craving are you feeding that is hiding our true desire, our true need?

We can’t satisfy a hunger without identifying our craving…

Let’s put this in terms of food because I know that’s why you opened up this blog anyway! You read the word cravings and instantly thought you could find the solution on how to stop dipping your hands in the chip bag! Hey, I love chips too! My go to solution for chips…pickles! Why do I choose pickles? Because I still get that crunch and salt! How about if you’re thirsty? Is your first craving a soda? Or how about sugary drink? Next time this happens to you think about what your body actually needs. Our bodies need water. Do me a favor and speak truth to your craving!  You don’t want that sugary drink, you NEED that water!  And just for fun here are 15 facts of water intake that will hopefully help you speak that truth! Side note:  I challenge you to the gallon drinking challenge!

1. It lubricates the joints

2. It forms saliva and mucus

3. It delivers oxygen throughout the body

4. It boosts skin health and beauty

5. It cushions the brain, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues

6. It regulates body temperature

7. The digestive system depends on it

8. It flushes body waste

9. It helps maintain blood pressure

10. The airways need it

11. It makes minerals and nutrients accessible

12. It prevents kidney damage

13. It boosts performance during exercise

14. Weight loss

15. It reduces the chance of a hangover

Let me get real…

Now let me get real with you…In my adulthood I have always tried to fill a void.  Trying to find happiness in things that can’t possibly make you happy.  Wanting things other people have.  A happy life, a perfect marriage, kids who didn’t talk back, to eat and not gain weight (my brother literally couldn’t forever 🙄), a big house, the list goes on.  I was and still do crave things that could make me happy not really knowing that what I hungered was joy. So…how do I unmask that lie that I tell myself daily? Speak truth to it…say it out loud.  I decided I would choose joy.  “You can’t just quit your craving, you have to trade it in for something better.” (Travis Waltner, pastor Embrace)

Choose joy 😊 find your peace✌🏻Live a more fullfilling life! That’s the #drFIT challenge!


Thursday’s Workout Is…

A) Overhead Squat (5-4-3-2-1-1-1)

3 OH Squat
3 Toe 2 Bar
40 Double Under’s
6 OH Squat
6 Toe 2 Bar
40 Double Under’s
9 OH Squat

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