Not sure about you, but lately I feel it takes a little longer for my body to “warm-up” in the morning. My joints seem stiffer and my muscles a little tighter. I am sure the time spent in the gym weight training, hours in the car traveling for kid’s activities and staring at the computer screen does not help. This is the perfect formula for rounded shoulder posture, chronic hip flexor shortening and overly tight hamstrings. Our bodies are designed to adapt to the most efficient (most used), good or bad pattern.

For Decades the Traditional Method Formula has been:

  • Use Weights to get Stronger… Use bodyweight to Stretch.

New Approach:

  • Use Weights to Stretch… Use Bodyweight to get Stronger

The reality is when we have turned our bodies into the Tin Man, it will take a lot more than body weight stretches and WD-40 to fix it. When you add load into the equation then the entire scenario changes. This is not your candle-burning, mood-relaxing kind of stretching. Rather, weighted mobility challenges your body to build both flexibility and strength in the positions you need it most.

Many people who are very flexible are also very weak, just the same as many people who are very strong are also very stiff. The magic happens inside “The Fascia” which is the sheet of connective tissue between your muscles and your skin. This can become rigid, stiff, and “glued” into place if you do not regularly move your body through full ranges of motion. Weighted mobility can help undo this damage by forcing the fascia to adapt in a positive manner.

There are many ways to move, increase range of motion and strengthen muscle. The key to weighted mobility is that it covers a lot while doing a little. Any time we can condense our training into movements that give us more bang for the buck, I’m all in. Try it out. It could be the answer to help repair the damage we have unwittingly done to our bodies via our daily grind.

Here are a few exercises to help you get started –



A. 6 Rounds – 3 min each
300m Row
10 DB Hang Cleans
MAX Wtd Situps

B: Hang Clean
(every 90 seconds)

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