The #1 rule for a Coaching a client at CPMFITness is DGH…

Don’t Get Hurt!

We’ve talked about Fixing (LINK) and improving (LINK) your Front Rack Position in a previous post(s)

Creating and Keeping the correct positions in a Front Rack position is vital for a clients safety and pursuit of improving their FITness. Shoulder/Upper Body mobility can be the worst for most adults who work the desk life. To know if this is an issue for you let’s test it…


You got it?? That is great!

No go? No sweat. Mobility is trainable. Just like strength, cardio, weight loss, etc…

The Wenis test will tell us how much shoulder flexion, how much shoulder adduction and how much external rotation you have or are lacking…

Try these exercises below or grab a coach to help explain more. Investing in your mobility and improving your positions results in less pain and stiffness, more FITness and strength.

a. Horizontal Abduction
b. Shoulder Capsule (i.e. Butchers Block)
c. Front Rack Holds


Wednesday’s Workout is…

A: EMOM: 8min
1 min. Situps
1 min Air Squats
1 min Knee to Elbow
1 min Lunges

B: Partner: “Let’s Some Crush Meters
10 rounds for Time:
P1 = 500m Row
P2 = rest/stretch

Post by Chris; follow me on instagram; @mr.cpm

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