Routine is only the enemy when you continue to NOT evolve. Your routines will lead you to your future (as the quote mentions above). The problem with routines is that everything works but only for so long. Life is continuing to move forward if you aren’t willing to change with the times you could end up being frustrated with your lack of results.

Sioux Falls had a great opportunity a few weeks ago to listen to a very unconventional yet very successful entrepreneur, Jesse Itzler, at a YPN event. Even though he has a different ways of achieving in life he is very much the definition of a serial entrepreneur. Create an idea/product/service, start it up, get really good at it as fast as you can (AMRAP), sell it and repeat the cycle.

That is a key ingredient with successful entrepreneur’s; they don’t settle or allow themselves to get stuck in a rut. The opposite of that can be a key set back for those with their FITness routine. 

If you are in a season of plateau or life  just seems to seems stale;  check out the list below from Jesse Itzler about, “How to do things Different.”

  1. Be a daydreamer – It’s free to dream. Think BIG. Envision other ways to complete your goals. I used to daydream about owning my own swimming pool, growing my own citrus tree, and going on a two-week vacation. You have to have a vision.
  2. Think backwards – Think about the end of the movie (your goal) and then write the script (how you get there). The script may change but the end of the movie is unwavering. Envision yourself at the finish line.
  3. Be open-minded – Be accepting of change. Be open to trying new things. Accept the fact that it may be hard at first, but change will yield different results.
  4. Have less structure – Giving yourself the freedom and flexibility to get out and do things away from your schedule.
  5. Donate things in your closet – Eliminate the stuff you don’t need. It frees clutter, creates “newness” and allows space to come into your head. Plus, someone might need it more than you.
  6. Go for a walk – Get out in nature, clear your thoughts and think of ideas. Outdoors is often your “reset” button.
  7. Create whiteboard ideas – Tape ideas to the wall. Write down your ideas and LOOK at them. You could have 99 bad ideas; all it takes is 1 good idea.
  8. Change your routine – Make an effort to mix it up, introduce a cold shower, listen to a new podcast, take a different route to work.
  9. Think about what the worst outcome may be  What’s the worst thing that could happen? Often, it’s not that bad. Fear stops us more than it should.
  10. Put something BIG on your calendar – It forces you to free up time to train, prepare and plan. Often you eliminate other things in your current life that you don’t really need. Benefits from that challenge stay with you the whole year. I do a few if you want to join me: 29029 is my next one!

Wednesday’s Workout is…

400m Run
21 Sit-ups
400m Run
21 Wall Balls
400m Run
21 Ring Rows
400m Run
21 Deficit Lunges

Post by Chris; follow me on instagram; @mr.cpm

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