We started out the year 2020 STRONG! CPM found its one word for the year, ACCOUNTABILITY (LINK)

Then the Coronavirus came and has flipped the GLOBE upside down!!

What is the last I heard? 2/3 of the WORLD’s population is ‘hunkering down‘ at home and your day, week and life is all about Social Distancing. In world where you feel you can only do less but you are more distracted then ever… How can you stay accountable with your Health, FITness? Heck your marriage, family, career and have some sanity while not feeling so isolated and trapped?!?

The best way to evolve and work with your new normal is to go back to basics and find that good ole’ accountability that we started the year out so STRONG with.

You know I know you are staying accountable to xyz??

You can check the box on the 5 C’s of Accountability….

Introducing the 5 C’s to Accountability.  

C = Common Purpose
C = Clear Expectations
C = Communicate
C = Collaboration
C = Consequences

Common Purpose

Is the lens by which everyone is doing everything. You can not be doing your own thing if you are to truly be accountable with your goal(s). You must have clear expectations where you and everyone around you is aligned and the purpose is commonly known and agreed on.

Clear Expectations

Clarity is King! It is easier to blame others, make excuses and justify our lack of action or direction if the actual expectations are not clear. If you can’t explain your expectation to an 8 years they probably aren’t clear enough for you.


If we don’t communicate we can’t have those clear expectations and not have a common purpose. Which creates the HIGHEST forms of accountability.


When we communicate effectively we can enter into collaboration with others and form a ‘team’. By this we can get so much more done when we have a team (job, home, etc..) This is what it takes to get so much more impact. There is only so much more we can get individually


If we don’t have this, then why would we want to hold ourselves or each other accountable. I find that consequences is where most miss the boat on accountability and let their tasks/behaviors slip and wonder why they never hit their goals.

You must have some from of consequences and understand them. To the degree you understand them is the degree you will be responsible (ahhh accountable) to them.

Thursday’s Workout Is…

A. Clean and Jerks

B. AMRAP 20min:
10 Clean + Jerks
10 Front Squats
400m Run

Post by Chris; @mr.cpm