100 Day Push-Up Challenge
Summer will be here soon. Let’s get 3 things accomplished…


Introducing our 100 Day Summer Push-Up Challenge. Sunday, June 21st (first day of Summer) is Day 1. Monday, September 28th is Day 100.

Do 1 push-up. Each day you add a push-up until you have the entire 100 days and 100 push-ups complete. For instance, Day 51 is 51 push-ups, Day 74 is 74 push-ups.

You have the entire day to complete the push-ups for that day. If you miss a day, you can buy back in, you can complete them on the next day. For instance, you miss Day 20. On Day 21, you complete 20 + 21 push-ups for a total of 41.

Entry fee is $20. All money paid into the challenge goes back to the winners. To win you must commit and execute the 100 Day Challenge.

Fun Family Workout!
The family workout on Saturday was so much fun so we decided we needed to do it again. Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 13th at 9:30 am. Cost is $5 per family member that joins you. We will have a super-fun team workout planned for your family. You will need to create an account for each family member and have them sign the Health Waiver. Here is the LINK to get you started.

CPMFITness Downtown Sioux Falls!
We would like to officially announce that we are expanding to a 2nd location in Downtown Sioux Falls. CPM 2.0 will be deep in the heart of downtown, located on Main Street between 9th and 10th. ((We are taking the CPM concept of great workouts, great community and great results)) as you do at the Western Mall location. Be on the lookout for Grand Opening Party, dual membership availability, same great set-up with a new gym personality. Stay plugged in to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube where we will leak the latest CPM DTSF gym developments. We will have a lot more info to provide in the July edition of the Get A Grip.

And now another edition of….

Reflections, by Mother Plucker

My personal thoughts on another fantastic week at CPMFITness.

1. “Murph” on Monday was fun and it has a great purpose. Recovery from the workout was lengthy and not so fun. Possibly my longest recovery time ever but it was worth every minute!

2. School is out and that means the mall is busy with kids! Fortunately we have Rambo here to keep them in line. Here he is keeping watch over the gym and barking at every single kid that walks by!


3. Here is what I learned from the long rowing workout on Tuesday. Nooners do not like to scale. Actually Nooners will not scale. What a stubborn bunch!

4. Since we did chin-ups on Thursday, I thought I would share a very detailed video that breaks the movement down for you. #1 Grab the bar, #2 Do chin-ups. There, now everyone can do them! Click HERE to watch.

The Oboard Says…

For Time:

10 Cal Row
10 Thrusters
10 Pull-Ups

20 Cal Row
20 Thrusters
20 Pull-Ups

30 Cal Row
30 Thrusters
30 Pull-Ups

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