What’s the old saying?….

When the Going Gets Tough _____???

We are in weird times these days. The world hasn’t been this consumed with this much worry, anxiety and fear in a long time.

A text from a member I got today…

“It’s hard not to get too overwhelmed with how much we are being bombarded by the media and all the cancellations. What I really need to keep my sanity is to keep (as much as possible) my regular schedule”

How to Deal with these Tough COVID-19 Times is with 3 Things…


Here at CPMFITness we will REMAIN OPEN during this pandemic! We are going to focus on what we can control and what we stand for “Building your immunity and our community to not just survive but THRIVE“!

  • We are keeping the gym sweaky clean (cleaning equipment, hands and the overall space) around the clock.
  • We are practicing the CDC Social Distancing standard of 10 or less in a space. (Our classes are now capped at 8.)
  • We are safe in our gym. Our members are on the low risk side as we have been proactive in building our immunity through conscious healthy nutrition and effective exercise.

When we are in a state of un-ease we tend to feel worried about all of the things that our out of our control. To ease the “un-easy” focus on all the things that are within your control.


We will get on the other end of this pandemic. We always have. This shall pass.

In googling the word, “Hope” it states, “A (good) feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.”

What if???

  • Because of this pandemic you and everyone around you took your health and FITness a lot more serious?
  • Your healthy and FIT habits were actually what was contagious to those important to you.
  • This was the game-changer you needed to level up your life for the greater good.

If you switch your mind to a growth mindset you can look at all of these problems around you as opportunities in disguise.


We believe in building your margin for health. We believe your immunity will be STRENGTHENED by your ability to stay active and fit (not to mention a game-changer for stress relieve).

No matter what happens in the coming days/weeks we will work together in pursuit to a healthier, FITter, and less stress life.

For now we will do our part on the remaining open, safe cleaning standards and executing social distancing. You do your part on the healthy eating and effective exercising and all of us with not only survive you will THRIVE!

If this continues to escalate… Don’t panic at CPM we are already prepared;-)

Thursday’s Workout Is…

For Time:

A: EMOM 5min
3 Cleans
6 Pushups
9 Squats

B: 3 Rounds
In 3min
300m Row
MAX Medball Clean
*Rest 1 Min

In 3 min
300m Row
MAX Medball Sit-ups
*Rest 1 Min

Post by Chris; @mr.cpm