We have discussed the details of our upcoming CPM 360 Nutrition Challenge in great length. Today, I would like to cover the reasons why you are HIGHLY encouraged to participate in this kind of challenge.

One to two times a year we like to hold a nutrition challenge to provide you with a chance to really learn about yourself. This type of challenge is a opportunity to learn, meet and grow with the community of CPMFITness. This is also an excellent opportunity to push yourself to a level you may have not had a chance to in a really long time. I would like to offer up some more advice on what you should expect and what my expectations are for each of you.

It is about Improving YOU.

As of today you have been operating at a certain level which has lead you to exactly your current state. This level provides you with your current fitness level, mindset you have, your expectation level and what you tolerate to happen to you in your life.

Are YOU Satisfied??

Are truly happy with you waistline? Are you cool with your current level of FITness?? Are you happy with YOU???

If you are not (and I know you aren’t because we all want to be better)? Then I ENCOURAGE you to challenge yourself.

When you participate in a challenge like this, you get a chance to bring out the best in YOU. I feel that everyone at CPMFITness operates at a higher level with their health and FITness than other people. I remember growing up playing basketball and when playing a more talented team my coach would always say, “You must raise your game to play to their level of competition.”  By participating in this challenge it will put you in the game with the top 50 plus competitors in our gym. If you are surrounding yourself with the top 50 most focused committed athletes in our gym you will begin to operate at a much higher level because everyone else is operating at a  much higher level. It is infectious!

The Posse. 

They say that there are only two ways to improve you are. The books you read and the people you associate with. The Posse is the group of fellow athletes you will be participating with throughout the challenge. You will get to know the posse in great depth during the challenge while at the Monday night meetings and throughout the week on the cpm 360 forums and emails. You will learn about their goals, successes, setbacks, their great advice and ideas. They will in-turn learn a lot about you. The magic of the Posse is that each one of you will bring something great about you to the Posse. Most people think that you are competing against everyone in the challenge. That type of thinking is for the small minded.

I would say a great goal is this challenge is to do everything you can to help everyone else with their goals and bring as much as you can to the Posse and the challenge. Ever heard of the old saying, “The more you share, the more you get”. It is true. When you adopt this way of thinking you are coming from a place of abundance. And only good things will begin to happen to you. When you begin to help others you begin to learn how to help yourself.


We all have the answer to our problems. We just allow our problems to stop us. When your problems have you convinced to give up or quit on something its time to give it up to someone that also needs help. When you begin to help others instead of focusing on your problems we will  uncover the true answers inside of us by getting out of our own head (literally) and helping others in need. It is a very powerful and empowering process. You can’t get this kind of learning on your own.

My Expecatation for YOU.

This challenge will provide you a platform to excel during the 7 week period. If I were to tell you to eat as close to Paleo as you can, I would be cheating you as a coach. The idea of a challenge is to CHALLENGE yourself. This is a temporary time period to give you a chance at long term success habits. It is a rare experience to have a large group of people totally focused, totally committed and totally enthusiastic about a common goal. Use this time to up your knowledge, push yourself to another level, help others achieve their goals and focus in on something that will improve all areas of your life! Take advantage of everything this great challenge has to offer between the meetings, the posse, the coaches, the accountability, everything is set up for you to thrive. Those of you that are brand new to this challenge you have so much to gain by absorbing everything and following the plan. For you vets this is your chance to build on everything you have learned in the past and really step up your game!

Today’s Workout:

A. 10×1 power clean
(new lift every :90 seconds)
*goal is to increase weight*

B. For Time:
Wall Balls: 50-40-30-20-10
Hang Power Clean : 2-4-6-8-10

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