When my clients first come to me, they say they want to be “fit” and get in better shape. When I ask what their current routine is most of them rely heavily on the cardio and not much on the weights.

I know when I first heard of Lifting a barbell, my biggest fear was getting “bulky”.  I believed if I lifted anything over 12lbs I was going to get big. I felt that my body was “susceptible” to muscle and I wanted to avoid building anymore of it!

I had literally come to the point where I was doing one to two hours of cardio (sometimes 3) and I could not drop anymore weight. I had hit a plateau and there were just not enough hours in the day to do anything else. Then I found the key element that was missing to my training; weights and lots of them!

The moment I began incorporating weights into my workouts my weight started to move out and the results started to move in.

I was building lean muscle and muscle burns fat, so more muscle = less fat.

Which brings me to my first of five reasons I believe weights are vital to your success:

#1 Burn Fat – Lifting weights results in your body continuously burning calories 6-8 hours after your workout is finished, and also increases your metabolism. With weightlifting and a healthy diet you will have all of your friends asking how they can look as “fit” as you!

#2 Osteoporis – Lifting weights increases bone density. You know the famous slogan “Milk; it does a body good”. It’s not the milk its the weight training! Studies have shown we stop gaining muscle mass at the age of 25 unless…. you WEIGHT TRAIN! Studies also show that athletes that are men and women exhibit a higher bone density than people who are inactive. An exercise regimen focused on weight training will force you to work against gravity, increasing bone density and muscle mass.

#3 Look and Feel Younger –  By fueling your body with weights, you are increasing your bone mineral density, strengthening your joints and increasing your metabolism. You  you will be at a lower risk for breaking bones, feel less aches and pains and not see as drastic of a decline in your metabolism as you would if you never lifted. All which make you feel like you are drinking from the fountain of youth.

#4 Look Good and Feel Good Naked: Lifting weights will make you notice muscles you didn’t even know existed. It also helps keep those areas on the up and up and tight (if you know what I mean). No saggy butts and no extra arm wave when you stop waving. Your clothes will fit better than they ever have and you will have a new-found respect for the mirror!

#5 Last Feel Empowered: This was the biggest gain for me. When I started to lift heavy weights, I felt like a bad-ass. I was not a damsel in distress and I didn’t need anyones help; I could do it on my own. I could carry eight bags of groceries at once, lift furniture without my husbands help and carrying my 85lb sister was easy (she is 9). When you challenge  yourself mentally in ways that you never have before, you will be amazed to see the fitness goals and numbers you will hit that you never thought possible. With this feeling of Empowerment you will feel unstoppable in your everyday life too!!!

SO Fit Ones Come into CPM and Pick up some weight and the results will astound you!!!!

The O-Board Says…

A. 1RM Clean + Jerk (split)

B. For time:
power cleans

*200m farmer’s carry after each round

5 min accumulative Plank
10 Burpees