The deadlift is considered the ultimate test of overall body strength. It’s a combination of a push with the legs and a pull the upper body. It produces STRONG people, keeps you fit and enhances your flexibility.

Two popular deadlift variations are the conventional and the sumo. Conventional is what we do most often at CPM. It’s a great opportunity to lift some heavy $#*! and work on our derrieres🍑. So what about the sumo deadlift? What are the unique benefits of this besides that crazy looking sumo stance 😜.

Real Life Movements

Nearly every real-life movement in which we are asked to lift something from the ground is done in some variation of the sumo stance. Whether it’s picking up a cinder block, or sack of dog food, or helping a friend move couches into their new home; nearly ALL of those movements are done sumo style.

Better Individualization

Pelvises come in all shapes and sizes and depending on depth of hip sockets and angles and rotation of the femur where it meets the pelvis determines of the range of motion your hips can go through and the amount of tension you can develop in different positions. The sumo stance can offer many individuals a better pulling approach based upon their hip structures, mobility levels, and comfort.

Increased Glutes and Quad Development

Deadlifts work almost every muscle in the human body, but primary focus is on hamstrings and the lower back. Sumo deadlifts are harder on the quads and due to the wide stance are able to target the glutes a little more.

Minimizing Low Back Stress

The sumo deadlift has been shown to produce about 10% less stress on the spinal extensors when compared to the conventional style. By assuming a wider stance, we are able to open the hips, flex the knees, and keep our torso angle more vertical in the set-up and pull. It can also be an option for those athletes recovering from injury.

Bottom line no one pull is better than the other. Both will enhance your flexibility, strength and improve your pelvic stability. Mixing in the sumo with the conventional deadlifts will only get you stronger!!



A. Sumo Deadlift
(every 2-minutes)

B. 5-Rounds (each 3-minutes)
12/15 Cal Row
10 Deadlifts (MED-HEAVY)
5 DB Single Arm Jerk (each arm)
*1-min rest between rounds

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