What’s the point?

We see it time and time again, the Turkish get-up.  I see the look on the member’s faces when they walk in the gym and look at the workout board.  The eye rolls 🙄, the ugh😩, and maybe even the few slurs 🤬 of how they don’t want to do them. That got me to thinking!  As your coach and trainer I know the long list of benefits of the Turkish get-up…but do you?

Functional Fitness

What we practice at CPMFitness is what we call functional fitness.  Meaning that our workouts are/should be designed to develop and strengthen muscles so that our day to day activities at home are done safer and with more ease!  For example the squat helps us get up and down from a chair or pick something up off the ground with comfort.  Functional fitness enhances stability, mobility, balance, and strength.  All benefits for all age groups!  The TGU hits all areas of functional fitness!  Think of a baby learning to sit-up, crawl, stand, walk!  The Turkish Get-up is the adult version of learning to stand from a laying position!


Why do trainers love the Turkish get-up?  It really targets every major muscle group with a strong focus on the core, hips and shoulders! A strong core and strong stabilizers (hips and shoulders) will help decrease the chance of injuries!  Two major transition in the TGU is the hip hinge, which places a focus on hips, glutes, hamstrings, abs, and low back.  Since you’re holding a weight above your head you need to stabilize and engage the shoulder, triceps, upper back, and smaller muscles of the chest and shoulders.  You really have to focus on all areas of the body for the Turkish get-up.  The TGU will expose any areas of weakness and imbalances in our body and pin-point areas that we need extra work on! 

It is most commonly used with the KB, but when strength and stability allow you can do the exercise with a sandbag, barbell, and if you are really bada$$ a human 😂! There are 7 movements or cues you receive from the coaches. So if you are ready to practice at home…in supine position, press KB so it’s stacked right above the shoulder same knee up as arm, then…

  1. Up to forearm
  2. up to hand
  3. lift hips
  4. sweep leg back
  5. lunge position
  6. Leg drive and stand
  7. then reverse back down

Pro Tips

  • Keep eyes up on KB until your hand is off the ground, then eyes forward
  • Practice with a partner…go through movements with no weight and with eyes closed.  Have partner position you are unstable or imbalanced.
  • Practice with a shoe ON a closed fist to focus on core strength and shoulder stability.
  • Try to incorporate these practices a couple times a week!

Turkish Get-Up Shoe style


Thursday’s Workout Is…

A) Power Clean

B) 5 Sets (1 set every 5 minutes)
20 Cal Row
50 Plank Pull throughs
10 Power Cleans

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